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This is too much! Couldn’t make this up folks. Swiss Parliamentarian Hans Killer serves on the board of Leibstadt Nuclear Power Station where workers not only drilled a bunch of holes in the primary containment of the reactor in 2008, but it took 500 inspections and six years for anyone to notice! Shortly after Fukushima, in June of 2011, he qualified those concerned about nuclear energy as hysterical about safety and in typical Swiss style seems to have dissed the Japanese. Meanwhile, Leibstadt Nuclear Reactor had holes in the containment! Yesterday, he alleged that no one died from Fukushima. As we learned yesterday, the Swiss Nuclear Industry helped fund the earthquake study which is used to determine safety and risk for its reactors.

Hans Killer Served on the Untersiggnethal Town Council before Going to Federal Parliament. He was born nearby and probably lives there.
Untersiggenthal and Liebstadt NPP http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Untersiggenthal http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Killer
sign to Untersiggnethal

How is it that Hans Killer, with 9 years of school plus bricklayer apprenticeship, thinks himself qualified to assure people that the oldest nuclear reactor in the world or any others are safe? Or that no one died from Fukushima? Any reason to believe that he has been studying genetics, biochemistry or the impacts of neutron bombardment on materials in his spare time?

This week both houses of the Swiss Parliament turned down a petition signed by 180,000 (out of 8 million population) calling for the almost immediate closure of Switzerland’s oldest reactors, including the oldest operating nuclear reactor in the world at Beznau, a Pressurized Water Reactor from 1969, which is also in a seismic zone. Instead they are to run for 60 years!

Switzerland has well-developed hydro and biofuels and potential for solar and wind in the uplands. While most don’t give a rat’s ass about tiny Switzerland or the Swiss, everyone needs to, simply because an accident there, as for most European nuclear power stations, has the potential of making much or all of Europe uninhabitable, which means that there will be a whole lot of refugees. It is also that much less arable land to feed a growing world population.

Anyway, how did this nuclear parliamentary travesty happen?

Sheer stupidity or ignorance exacerbated by the extremely low educational requirements of Switzerland? Switzerland, by the way, is only starting to understand that smoking is bad for you, decades behind the US and even decades behind France. Only 9 years of school are required in Switzerland, and little of the 9 years appear spent in school – there are long lunches at home and an endless list of holidays.

Corruption-Conflict of Interest?

Or, is Switzerland involved with a secret weapons program and either hoarding plutonium for a revived plan to become a nuclear weapons state or selling plutonium? We have learned by now that the only real reason for nuclear energy is nuclear weapons, but Switzerland is not a nuclear weapons state, though it is a major weapons exporter. It did have aspirations to become a nuclear weapons state in the past.

Yesterday Hans Killer of the Swiss National Parliament alleged that no one had died from the Fukushima accident: http://www.parlament.ch/f/sessionen/sda-sessionen/Pages/20141209_bsf069_Sortir%20du%20nucléaire.aspx
This supports our first hypothesis – sheer stupidity or ignorance.

Even shortly after Fukushima, in June of 2011, he spoke of “safety (security) hysteria”! And appears to think that Switzerland has better safety standards or is somehow less at risk. He seems to want to build new nuclear reactors – not surprising since he serves as President of the Swiss Builders Association! He seems to support new hydro which would be major construction projects, as well. http://www.parlament.ch/ab/frameset/f/n/4819/356078/f_n_4819_356078_356084.htm
Apparently he has never been to Japan which looks as clean, modern and orderly, as northern Switzerland is dirty, old, and falling apart. The Japanese even think of drains for shower curtains, leaving one with the impression that they think of everything!

Hans Killer serves on the board of directors of Leibstadt Nuclear Power Station, where workers had drilled holes in the primary containment of the reactor and no one noticed for six years and 500 inspections! https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/the-northern-swiss-nuclear-screw-up-nuclear-containment-like-swiss-cheese-still-leaks-far-less-than-icrp-standard-allows/ So, we have to agree with him that the situations are not comparable – the Swiss are more inept than the Japanese. Switzerland didn’t even have a natural disaster yet!

One can’t help but wonder and worry about the fact that the official document on earthquakes in Switzerland, “Seismic Hazard Assessment of Switzerland, 2004“, November 2004 Swiss Seismological Service, used to judge the safety of the nuclear reactors “was supported“, presumably they mean funded, by the Swiss nuclear industry: The “work was supported by ETHZ, the Swiss Nuclear Safety Board (HSK), the Swiss National Foundation (SNF), Swissnuclear and by re-insurance and insurance broker companies (SwissRe, MünichRe, Benfield Greig).http://www.seismo.ethz.ch/prod/haz_map/hazard_report
Although we have not had time to re-read this document, we recall it as having downplayed the risk of earthquake in northern Switzerland based on low population, making it less of an insurance risk.

It so happens that Hans Killer offers support for three of our four hypotheses: sheer stupidity or ignorance, little education (with almost certainly no motivation to self-educate), and what certainly looks like corruption, as we understand it – at least of the conflict of interest variety. For us, conflict of interest is a sort of corruption. If you look at the meaning of this word, you will see that we are right.

Unlike in many countries, if you are motivated and do well in school you can go to university for free in Switzerland. So, if you only finish 9 years of school and then train in bricklaying or construction, it’s almost certain that you are not the type of person who will spend time reading for self-instruction. It’s not for lack of other options, either. One certainly shouldn’t expect to find a self-taught student of genetics, biochemistry or neutron embrittlement. This is not to imply that the person is necessarily stupid – though we suspect Hans Killer to be, but that they probably lack an affinity for book learning. As well, lowland Switzerland is an endless chain of small villages where there is no need for the sort of can-do frontier attitude found in rural America.

Who is this Hans Killer? From rural or small-town Aargau, Switzerland, he went to school for 9 years and then apprenticed as a brick mason-bricklayer. Apparently concrete (beton) is still a different area of expertise and would have been so half a century ago when he was an apprentice. The current requirements are 3 years in construction with one day per week in a vo-tech school.

How does someone with this background become responsible for town and regional planning, environment and energy for the country of Switzerland? In most places people get degrees in these fields now. Is this why Switzerland is now so f#cked up from a planning perspective? If Switzerland ever had town or regional planners, they’ve probably shot themselves in the head by now. Soon, it risks being a radiological F#k up as well. Look at this man’s conflict of interest to boot! Even the heart of the nuclear beast, the US NRC, recognizes that pressurized water reactors, such as Beznau, are particularly dangerous with age: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/12/10/special-dangers-of-pressurized-water-reactors-us-nrc-on-embrittlement-thermal-shock-stress-corrosion/

The only good thing we can say about this man is that he does appear to live really close to the Leibstadt and Beznau reactors, though he is upriver. However, if there is an accident at Liebstadt or Beznau and a north wind, he is going to be on the front line! So, perhaps we return to sheer stupidity; ignorance or denial:

Facts about Hans Killer from Swiss Lobby Watch, translation and some commentary by us:
National Councilor Hans Killer, SVP, Aargau

Represents 41,860 [Yep you read it right – less than forty-two thousand people. So few people, so much power.]

In parliament for 7 years (3 Dec. 2007)
66 years old (09 March 1948)
9 years of school plus Vo-tech brick layer (“Eidg. dipl. Mauermeister”)
one child

Swiss Parliamentary Commission of Environment, Town and Regional Planning and Development, and Energy. They over see:
Environmental Protection, Climate Policy and Sustainable Development
Protection of Nature, Countryside and water
Town and Regional Development
Energy and Providing Energy
Hydraulic and Forestry Economy
Hunting and Fishing

National Councilor Killer is linked to the following companies, associations or following organizations

In order of lobby influence 1 – Strong 2- Average, 3-weak (more details on this category below)

1) Aktion für vernünftige Energiepolitik Schweiz (AVES)
Action for sensible energy policy Switzerland (AVES), Board of Directors
1) Energieforum Nordwestschweiz,
Energy Forum Northwest Switzerland, Board of Directors
1) Forum Vera, Board of Directors
1) Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG,
Leibstadt Nuclear Power Station, Board of Directors
2) Association de Déconstruction, Triage et Recyclage, Président
Association for Demolition, Sorting and Recycling, President
2) bauenschweiz, Président
Swiss Construction, President (Umbrella for the Swiss Construction Industry – see bottom)
3) Aargauische Stiftung für cerebral Gelähmte, Membre du Conseil de fondation
Aargau Foundation for Cerebral Palsy, Member of the Founding Council
[Radiation can induce palsy – do an internet search)
3) Abwasserverband Untersiggenthal-Turgi, Vorstand, Président
Waste water association Untersiggenthal-Turgi, Board, President
3) Ausschuss nukleare Entsorgung Swisselectric, Mitglied
Nuclear Waste Management Committee Swisselectric, Member
3) Fernwärme Siggenthal, Président du Conseil d’administration
District heating Siggnethal, President of the Board
3) Association suisse du chauffage à distance (ASCAD)
Swiss Association for Long distance (district) heating (ASCAD), Board

National Councilor Killer made entry to the Federal House possible for the following persons:

Glutz, Urs, Swisspower

Urs Glutz is linked to the following business, associations or organizations:

Swisspower AG, Administration

Wittwer, Benjamin, Director of Swiss Builders ( Bauen Schweiz)

Benjamin Wittwer is linked to the following businesses, associations or organizations:

bauenschweiz, Direction
Fondation SuisseMobile, Founding Member
Wynental- und Suhrentalbahn, (private railway)

1) – Strong influence applies to a lobby who always or sometimes participates in legislative revisions/reviews (consultations); is represented in Parliament by a person in a management position with the association, organization, etc. (Management, board of directors or foundation); represented by its parliamentarian in the corresponding commission (for instance: Commission for Social Security and for Public Health).
2) – Average Influence Factors apply to lobbyists who sometimes participate in legislative revisions/reviews (consultations):
3) Weak influence applies to a lobby who never participates in legislative revisions/reviews (consultations).
Last updated 08.12.2014 Published 26.11.2014
Basic facts from http://lobbywatch.ch/fr/daten/parlamentarier/130/Killer%20Hans
and http://lobbywatch.ch/fr/daten/kommission/3/Commissions%20de%20l%26%23039%3Benvironnement%20de%20l%26%23039%3Baménagement%20du%20territoire%20et%20de%20l%26%23039%3Bénergie%20%28CEATE%29
CC-BY-SA-4.0 by Lobbywatch with translation and commentary by us.

bauenschweiz is the umbrella organization of the Swiss building industry with 70 member organizations and is divided into four core groups advance planning, construction, expansion and building exteriors, as well as production and trade. The construction industry generates an annual turnover of around 60 billion CHF and employs over 500,000 employees. http://lobbywatch.ch/fr/daten/organisation/759/bauenschweiz CC-BY-SA-4.0 (our translation) (Most of those employees are foreign).