Click on image to go to Arrest Monbiot web site for calendar updates with original paintings each day. NuGen is a GDF-Suez/Toshiba consortium. GDF-Suez is 33.6% French State owned and French State Controlled, unless someone else holds more floating stock.


2nd December Stop Moorside Advent

Government has pledged an unlimited blank cheque courtesy of the
public to the same companies, Toshiba/Westinghouse (NuGEN) responsible
for Fukushima. They want to build “the biggest nuclear development in Europe” here in Cumbria. Recent correspondence between Radiation Free Lakeland and
NuGEN shows that the developers have been given carte blanche to drill 100
boreholes on green fields at Beckermet and Greenmoorside.

Cumbria and Copeland Council have it seems, in 2012, given Planning
Consent over and above the heads of Cumbrians. There are no planning consents to be found online for Moorside. But there is consent given in May this year for
outbuildings at Peterburgh farm, Beckermet for conversion to holiday
dwellings. This same farm would be the outer part of the Moorside site
and would be demolished.

Our councillors have in effect given undemocratic, most likely illegal and
certainly unethical consent to three new, untried, untested and not even yet designed nuclear reactors and associated nuclear sprawl.

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