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Trident Still has to go now!  Scrap Trident
The people of Scotland have awoken from their slumber and will no longer accept WMD on our doorstep. Is there any other country in the world that would have lived for 50 years with nuclear weapons 30 miles away from its largest city? No, and neither will we any longer. Trident has to go now!http://scraptrident.org (Info, including re Protest on November 30th, at link).
Faslane and Glasgow
Glasgow is the largest City in Scotland and the third largest in the UK. The population of Glasgow proper is 596,550 (2013), but the Metro area is estimated at 2.85 million. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasgow
Trident II USG photo of UK sub
This is not only an issue of ethics or of nuclear weapons which could go off by accident, it is also a question of radioactive waste created, and transport of weapons, due to required upkeep of nuclear warheads. And, the nuclear subs which are stationed at Faslane routinely leak radiation into Scottish Lochs legally and sometimes illegally. They have mini-nuclear reactors and nuclear reactors leak by design.
cost of Trident http://scraptrident.org
Scrap Trident text p. 2
The UK is removing its nuclear subs from Devonport in England and sending them to Faslane, adding more to Faslane. They will do their upkeep in Scotland, leaking even more radioactive waste than usual into quasi enclosed Scottish Lochs-waterways. And, they will dismantle the old nuclear submarines in Scotland and likely dump the nuclear submarine reactor parts in Scotland, or at Sellafield, unless people protest adequately.

The UK has expressed admiration of US disposal of reactor components. See what that looks like below. Public hearings have started in the UK about where to put their components. There are some other places besides Scotland and Sellafield on the short list, from which somehow Devonport was removed. The UK gov promised to do much of this nuclear dumping in Scotland before the referendum, which is why Scots needed to have voted Yes to Independence.

Hanford Site in the US State of Washington, US Nuclear Sub Reactors:
Hanford Old Nuclear Sub Reactors
Burying Naval Reactor Cores at Hanford, US DOE or mil via Oregon gov
Presumably US DOE or US Mil photo

They have to be transported to the site:
A Navy sub reactor on the Columbia R. US DOE or MIl or Oregon
Image presumably US DOE, US Mil or State of Oregon
These images were not easy to find. We had to depend on the State of Oregon, even though this is a US Federal issue: http://www.oregon.gov/energy/nucsaf/docs/naval_nuclear_reactor_fact_sheet.pdf