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Good news from last Friday, which we missed! The US States of New York, Vermont and Connecticut are challenging the US NRC’s so-called “waste confidence” decision, which allows leaving the nuclear waste (spent fuel) dangerously placed in fuel pools on site (and which even ignored new evidence of increased earthquake risks at nuclear reactors – both open and closed – in California and Washington State.)

They note that the NRC “acted arbitrarily, abused its discretion, and violated the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”), the Administrative Procedure Act, the Atomic Energy Act,” as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s own “policies and regulations, the Council on Environmental Quality’s regulations, and other applicable laws and regulations in promulgating the Continued Storage Rule, and in adopting the Generic EIS, the Order, and Directives.

They are asking the Court of Appeals to force the NRC to do further analysis and to prepare and issue an environmental impact statement that will comply with NEPA and “other applicable laws and regulations“.

Examining recent information about increased earthquake risks would be a good place to start! Hurrah! See appeal below!

The UK Ecologist’s recent article about Sellafield reflects similar concerns:
…the concrete is in dreadful condition, degraded and fractured, and if the ponds drain, the Magnox fuel will ignite and that would lead to a massive release of radioactive material.” See: http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_analysis/2611216/leaked_sellafield_photos_reveal_massive_radioactive_release_threat.html
NY VT CT vs. NRC Oct. 2014
NY VT CT vs. NRC Oct. 2014,  p. 2
NY VT CT vs. NRC Oct. 2014, p. 3
Original pdf found here: http://www.ag.ny.gov/pdfs/2014%2010%2024%20pfr.pdf