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Little known-little seen Switzerland: Trees cut down and hills destroyed for concrete (beton) for immigrant housing:
Swiss Quarry

While not politically correct, it is ecologically necessary to talk about immigration limitations and world birth control. It may be too late.

The only thing perplexing about this Swiss referendum is where a tiny mountainous country is supposed to put an additional 16,000 people per year! It has been knocking down houses to build apartment-flats for immigrants for some time now and, as a result, has become a permanent construction zone. Workers travel across the border from Germany, France and Italy on a daily basis anyway, so immigration is totally unnecessary.

Based on the ECOPOP web site, translation our own:

What is the goal of the ECOPOP initiative?

Return the yearly migration balance in Switzerland to 0.2% of the permanent population. Set aside 10% of the Development Aid budget to promote voluntary family planning.

A commitment of over 40 years

ECOPOP (ECOlogy and POPulation) is an environmental organization, which is politically independent. Its objective is to preserve the natural resources and the quality of life in Switzerland and in the world for the generations to come. ECOPOP has been active for more than 40 years against overpopulation and its impact on the environment.

Limiting immigration to Switzerland, would reduce population growth and preserves the quality of life for all of the country’s inhabitants.

Through voluntary family planning, we can help the people in developing countries and reduce the burden on the environment.

ECOPOP Initiative – The people will decide in November 2014
The initiative will be submitted before the people on the 30th of November 2014

ECOPOP wishes to end overpopulation, in Switzerland as well as in the entire world.

ECOPOP wishes to limit net immigration to Switzerland to 0.2% of the permanent resident population. Thus, around 16,000 more people per year could immigrate than those who emigrate. Currently, each year around 95,000 people leave Switzerland. Thus, around 110,000 people could still immigrate. Without ECOPOP, there are currently around 165,000 people who immigrate into Switzerland. So, the ECOPOP initiative represents a reduction of 30%. This means that economic interests are protected.

ECOPOP wants to continue in the same vein, in order to have 10% of the Funds for Aid to Development of the Swiss Confederation consecrated to VOLUNTARY family planning in beneficiary countries. Access to voluntary family planning is considered since 1968 as being part of Human Rights by the UN. Each year, in developing countries around 80 million unwanted pregnancies are at the root of a third of world population growth. This shows that the human right to voluntary family planning (that is to family planning as we know it) is not always considered with the same importance. ECOPOP wants to change that. ECOPOP does not require a supplementary budge for development aid. ECOPOP points out that funds already available should be used in this framework.
ROS, 03.07.2014 ” French original here: http://www.ecopop.ch/fr/home-fr/62-page-content/aktuell/aktuelles/483-initiative-ecopop-le-peuple-tranchera-en-novembre-2014 Unofficial translation our own.

Historical World Population Growth
world population growth to 2000

Economies and jobs need to constantly grow in order to employ a constantly growing population. Immigration and population growth are pyramid schemes, which have a limit at some point, and are hopelessly destructive to the environment.

While we must not underestimate the impact of surface mining and war as source of mass migration, we also must face up to the problem of overpopulation.

Mining, war, and weapons manufacture are part and parcel of the pyramid scheme. Weapons require mining; weapons manufacture creates jobs; the destruction of war creates jobs in reconstruction, but construction requires resources. War also restricts population growth, but in a most unpleasant way. Etc. Growing population requires more land and more resources contributing to land grabs and war. It’s a vicious cycle, exacerbated by greed.

Next time someone talks about birth control as genocide or the right to have an unlimited number of children as a human right, take a look at the historical world population growth chart, as well as the birth rates in their country of origin. See if they are staying at home and contributing to their own country or think that they have the right to go to less populated countries with their large family in tow and take jobs away from people there. Can anyone really think of a country with zero unemployment? Think about the fact that India adds about 4 Switzerlands per year to its population, which speaks volumes to the problem, especially since India doesn’t even have the highest birth rate! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_growth Replacement is two children per couple. Anything above that is unfair to the environment and in violation of the human rights of everyone else. In fact, so overpopulated is the world, a one child policy would be needed to be fair to the environment. Arguments that the poor use less resources are weak. Most people aspire to a decent standard of living and do not wish to live like rats.

Another uncomfortable fact is that widespread unemployment in the so-called developed countries in conjunction with high immigration is a festering social disaster waiting to happen. It is the sort of situation which led to the rise of Nazi Germany.
Supaman89, CC-BY-SA-3.0, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population
Map by Supaman89, CC-BY-SA-3.0, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population