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The Japan Meteorological Agency website reported today that there was a small 3.5 magnitude earthquake in Fukushima Prefecture. We estimate it as being about 67 km or 42 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactors. We decided to post it because we thought it no longer appears on the Japan Meteorological web site, but if you press previous, it is actually still there. However, we do not see it on the USGS web site. We have no idea of the frequency of earthquakes in Fukushima Prefecture, but only found this today, while looking to see what earthquakes might be reported in relation to volcanic activity. For all we know there could be tiny earthquakes in the region daily, or this could be rare. Those who are interested in the topic may want to visit the web site frequently. A slightly larger (4.1) earthquake has occurred today in Chiba, since the Fukushima quake.
Japan Meteorological Agency website Fukushima mini-quake
Source: Japan Meteorological Agency website http://www.jma.go.jp/en/quake/

We used these coordinates 37.0N, 140.7E to make the following map:
Fukushima mini Earthquake map