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Many governments force various sorts of vaccinations on their populations, because vaccinations are overall protective to the population, although they may have dangerous side-effects to individuals. However, with the current Ebola outbreak, most governments are not closing borders and quarantine is based on volunteerism, which is not being uniformly heeded.

Thus, governments are placing rights of a handful of individuals, over the health of the majority. What happened to one person’s rights end where they step on another’s toes? What happened to the concept of public health?

Given such a lackadaisical attitude to Ebola staring them in the face, it is no longer a wonder that they have a lackadaisical attitude toward the dumping of nuclear waste, since the repercussions are more long-term and easier to hide. They even allow long-lived nuclear waste in public landfills.

There are now incurable forms of TB again and yet some people spit! Historically: “As a result of Villemin and Koch discovering tubercle bacilli in sputum, the NASPT and its state affiliates campaigned aggressively against public spitting.“[1]

ca. 1925, Creator: Rensselaer County Tuberculosis Association (Troy, N.Y.), Copyright 2003 American Lung Association. For more information on how you can support to fight lung disease, the third leading cause of death in the U.S., please contact the American Lung Association:  http://www.lungusa.org/,
Poster ca. 1925 http://www.lungusa.org [2]

Because of sheer selfishness, quarantine has been repeatedly jumped by potentially exposed people and the health and safety and economic cost is high. People who have even a small fever or have been exposed to flu or have colds should not be visiting people or going in public spaces, especially enclosed public spaces. This is all the more true for Ebola.

It would be terrible to have the Nurse Vinson, who boarded the airplane as a nurse. Does she go to work coughing on patients? Is she one who lets her scrubs drag along the floor and stomp on them her entire shift? Does she fling needles into the garbage can, instead of into the biohazards box, exposing cleaning people to hepatitis or worse? Probably, she has done this sort of thing. Manners and common sense related to health have been sorely lacking for a very, very, very long time in many places. Unfortunately the US doesn’t have the monopoly on this. The reasons also involve medical cost-cutting; and populations which believe in a magical quick fix for any disease or other problem encountered. Big pharma is the voodoo of the west.

Two male strippers are reportedly having to set the hygiene standard by self-quarantine and bleaching their luggage and clothes, after sitting near to the offending Nurse Vinson. Amber Vinson is surprisingly listed as a Registered Nurse, in Texas. It’s not like Ebola is the first or only deadly disease with no cure, and thus with hygiene of critical importance, to have arrived on America’s shores. The CDC approving her flying is no excuse. She should have known better than even asking. If she survives, will she even feel guilty if others die, or suffer miscarriages, because of what can only be selfishness? Or, do US nursing schools no longer teach infection control?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald (18 Oct. 2014), around 1,000 people are being monitored in the US, apparently all cases are related to the one Liberian – not even a US citizen- who was allowed into the US. A cursory glance at Reuters news reports look like it may only be the low 100s of people being monitored. It’s difficult to fathom how travel restrictions would not have been more effective. The excuse being that travelers would lie, doesn’t work out logically as a reason for not stopping travel. Duncan apparently lied. Even this author noticed the change of stories about why he went to America. Did he know he was exposed? Some sources said the lady he helped was bleeding from the mouth. But, even if not, it is clear that he was fleeing before a frightening plague, as others obviously will, if allowed.

The World Health Organization has declared Senegal “Ebola Free” and praised the Senegal Response, neglecting to point out that Senegal reportedly locked down its borders and air travel: “Senegal has defended the closure of its border with Guinea because of the Ebola outbreak, despite warnings that such measures are counterproductive. The World Health Organization (WHO) says travel bans do not work…. Senegal also banned flights and ships from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – the three worst-hit countries – however, Dr Seck said humanitarian flights would not be affected.” (“Ebola crisis: Senegal defends Guinea border closure“, 22 August 2014, http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-28893835)

Also, what are the reasons that no one seems to have jumped quarantine in Senegal? According to the World Health Organization: “The introduced case was confirmed on 29 August in a young man who had travelled to Dakar, by road, from Guinea, where he had had direct contact with an Ebola patient. / Senegal’s response is a good example of what to do when faced with an imported case of Ebola. The government, under leadership of President Macky Sall and the Minister of Health Dr Awa Coll-Seck, reacted quickly to stop the disease from spreading./ The government’s response plan included identifying and monitoring 74 close contacts of the patient, prompt testing of all suspected cases, stepped-up surveillance at the country’s many entry points and nationwide public awareness campaigns.http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/statements/2014/senegal-ends-ebola/en/ http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/ebola/17-october-2014/en/

As in the USA, a Liberian, Patrick Sawyer, brought Ebola to Nigeria: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/ebola-outbreak-nigeria-a-week-away-from-beating-virus-9794269.html

The Nigerians were quick to jump on the case, and try to stop it, unlike the US. Even so, as in the US, one of those who was supposed to be quarantined, jumped quarantine.

This meant that ultimately, according to the BBC, eventually 26,000 households were monitored in Nigeria. Compare that to the paltry 1,000, or less, being monitored in the US, where more than one potentially exposed person refused to self quarantine, which we call jumping quarantine. Braggart lies being spouted by the US government cannot stop the outbreak. Furthermore, trust in government is supposed to be important for controlling outbreaks.

If the outbreak has really been stopped in Nigeria, as is believed, it is only because of serious minded action, against all odds. It is not the braggart talk of the US, which will stop Ebola, it is action, luck, (and good immune systems.) What will happen now in the US, if the outbreak spreads and medical military personnel are in Africa instead of at home? The US borders should have been closed, to the extent possible, and help sent earlier, if at all. Why haven’t the mining and oil companies provided adequate help, instead of asking for military personnel? Africa is wealthy, but it’s being fleeced still.

In “Ebola outbreak: How Nigeria is beating the killer virus“, 16 October 2014, the BBC explains how the contact tracing resulted in monitoring of 26,000 households. “The result was that officials and volunteers embarked on rounds of visits that would take them to an extraordinary 26,000 households.http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-29654002 If each household had four members, that would be over 100,000 people being monitored. This makes clear how inadequate the US response is.

Along with the BBC, the World Health Organization, in an early article on Ebola in Nigeria, gives an indication of the effort involved and the costs of quarantine jumping:
Ebola situation in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Situation assessment – 3 September 2014

“Ebola virus was imported into Nigeria via an infected air traveller, who entered Lagos on 20 July and died 5 days later. One close contact of the Lagos case fled the city, where he was under quarantine, to seek treatment in Port Harcourt.

The close contact was treated, from 1 to 3 August, at a Port Harcourt hotel, by what would turn out to be the city’s index case…

The case history of the index case in Port Harcourt is important, as it reveals multiple high-risk opportunities for transmission of the virus to others.

After onset of symptoms, on 11 August, and until 13 August, the physician continued to treat patients at his private clinic, and operated on at least two. On 13 August, his symptoms worsened; he stayed at home and was hospitalized on 16 August.

Prior to hospitalization, the physician had numerous contacts with the community, as relatives and friends visited his home to celebrate the birth of a baby.

Once hospitalized, he again had numerous contacts with the community, as members of his church visited to perform a healing ritual said to involve the laying on of hands. During his 6 day period of hospitalization, he was attended by the majority of the hospital’s health care staff.
Given these multiple high-risk exposure opportunities, the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Port Harcourt has the potential to grow larger and spread faster than the one in Lagos.
The government, supported by WHO, UNICEF, and MSF (Doctors without Borders), has introduced a number of emergency measures. More will be introduced later this week.

An Ebola Emergency Operations Centre has been activated, with support from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A mobile laboratory, with RT-PCR diagnostic capacity, is set up and functional.

A 26-bed isolation facility for the management of Ebola cases is in place, with plans for possible expansion. WHO has 15 technical experts on the ground.

Twenty-one contact-tracing teams are at work; they have good training, provided by WHO, and adequate transportation, thanks to government support. Two decontamination teams are equipped and operational, as is a burial team.

Social mobilization efforts have been stepped up, initially targeting key community and religious leaders….
” Read the entire article here: http://who.int/mediacentre/news/ebola/3-september-2014/en/

The US handling of Ebola resembles measles outbreaks at US universities due to German or Swiss students (can’t recall which) bringing in the disease, which had been mostly or totally eradicated in the US with forced vaccinations. Instead of forcing the foreign students to be vaccinated before entry, schools decided that everyone should be vaccinated. Because it can be dangerous for individuals, and probably due to Rudolphe Steiner influence, many refuse to have immunizations, which is why it had not been eradicated in those countries. It still has not been eradicated in Switzerland for this reason. Group vaccinations can sometimes lead to eradication of diseases, but individuals may pay the price. It is very strange that the US govt. continues to put individual rights of foreign nationals over its own people. It is abnormal. Conspiracy theorists will point to profits made by pharmaceutical companies. Switzerland wrote the book on big pharma, however, and they do not force immunize their own people.

This article is about a doctor who caught Ebola and survived (and some who did not). She credits electrolyte replacement fluids and religious faith:
Dr. Ada Igonoh: How Patrick Sawyer gave me Ebola… and how I survived” September 16 14:00 2014 👤by TheCable Read at: http://www.thecable.ng/how-i-survived-ebola-2

[1] http://exhibits.hsl.virginia. edu/alav/campaigns/
[2] Copyright 2003 American Lung Association. For more information on how you can support the fight against lung disease, the third leading cause of death in the U.S., please contact the American Lung Association: http://www.lungusa.org/ http://profiles.nlm.nih. gov/ps/retrieve/ResourceMetadata/VCBBBH