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We hear much of the importance of nuclear energy in France. What does it look like? France is paying a high environmental price for its high dependence on nuclear electricity. Should it be surprising that they are disrespectful of other countries? Of course, France has long been about Paris-Ile de France and everyone else (Province), i.e. internal imperialist exploitation. If it’s not Paris; it’s Province. Province has been expanded to the entire world. The shocking thing is that looking at the circle on the map below you can see how much nuclear waste, etc. is in the area of Paris-Ile de France.

The main French nuclear twins are Areva (over 90% French gov owned) and EDF (approx. 85% French gov owned). As of January 2014, Areva is the world’s largest nuclear company and EDF the largest nuclear electric company. Can they really be bigger than Russia’s 100% State-owned Rosatom? All but one nuclear reactor in the UK is owned by EDF now. Areva is at WIPP; Areva is at Sellafield; Areva is at the over priced MOX facility in South Carolina.

English Translation of Map below. Text continues below translation.
Nuclear France CC NC No Changes Sortir du Nucleaire
Map by “Sortir du nucléaire“, Creative Commons, Non-Commercial, No Modifications to Map Allowed. Original here: http://www.sortirdunucleaire.org/IMG/pdf/carte-francenuc-A4.pdf


Risque d’attentat
Risk of terrorist attack
Risque de canicule
Heatwave Risk
Risque d’inondation
Flooding Risk
Risque sismique
Seismic (Earthquake) Risk

Réacteurs électronucléaire
Nuclear Reactors
Réacteurs électronucléaire définitivement arrêtés
Permanently Closed Nuclear Reactors
Résidus de l’exploitation minière de l’uranium
Uranium mining wastes
Usines de la filière du combustible nucléaire
Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facilities
Stockage et entreposages de déchets radioactifs
Nuclear Waste Storage Facilities
Activités liées a l’armement atomique
Activities linked to Nuclear Weapons
Centres de commandement de la force de frappe nucléaire
Command Centres of Nuclear Strike Force
Installations de recherches nucléaire
Nuclear Research Installations
Installations d’irradiation des aliments
Food Irradiation Installations
Lignes THT (Très Haute Tension) à 400 000 volts
Very High Voltage Power Lines to 400,000 volts

Principaux programmes nucléaires actuels
Current Principal Nuclear Programs

EPR: réacteur en chantier à Flamanville; réacteur en projet à Penly
EPR: reactor under construction at Flamanville; Reactor Project at Penly;
THT: ligne THT Cotentin-Maine, en projet, destinée à acheminer l’électricité de l’EPR de Flamanville
THT: High Power Line Cotentin-Maine Project for the EPR of Flamanville
ITER: réacteur de recherche sur la fusion nucléaire, en chantier
ITER: Nuclear Fusion Research Reactor, under construction;
Bure: centre d’enfouissement de déchets radioactifs, en projet
Bure: Burial of Radioactive Waste, project;
ICEDA: centre de stockage de déchets radioactifs, en projet
ICEDA: Storage Centre for Radioactive Waste, project
FAVL: centre d’enfouissement de déchets radioactifs, recherche de site en cours FAVL: Centre for burial of radioactive waste, research of the site in progress
M51: nouveau missile nucléaire développé en violation du Traité de Non-Prolifération nucléaire ratifié par la France
M51: New Nuclear Missile Developed in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ratified by France

Additionally found on the map:
4 sous-marins lanceurs d’engins (propulsion et missiles nucléaires).
4 Nuclear Submarines armed with Nuclear Missiles
Porte-avions Charles de Gaulle (propulsion et missiles nucléaires)
Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle (nuclear propulsion and nuclear missiles)
6 sous-marins d’attaque (propulsion nucléaire)
6 Attack Submarines (Nuclear Propulsion)
Of related interest: List of Communes on Map(s): http://www.sortirdunucleaire.org/IMG/pdf/correspondance_communes_cartes_-_sites_MIMAUSA.pdf Interactive and other maps: http://www.sortirdunucleaire.org/Cartes

Areva and/or EDF are involved in building new nuclear reactors in France, Finland, China and two proposed for the UK. Areva is involved in the overpriced US MOX facility in South Carolina. Areva enriches uranium for South Korea and has signed a deal to sell uranium to India. 34% French gov owned GdF Suez is apparently a nuclear player too. It is involved in the proposed new nuclear reactor in Cumbria, England. EDF is behind the proposed Hinkley Point Nuclear Reactor in Somerset, England. EDF is active throughout Europe. Areva, EDF and GdF Suez are all state owned (read tax-payer subsidized) international players. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areva, http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areva, http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/GDF_Suez http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Électricité_de_France
The existence of Areva, EDF, and even GDF-Suez, on the international scene is unfair business practices. Frighteningly, the French State appears willing and able to use armed force to protect Areva-EDF interests (e.g. African uranium mines).

The first time we recall hearing of inadequately remediated uranium mines was from a French documentary on a French television station a few years ago.

According to the independent laboratory, CRIIRAD:
At all the French uranium mines where it made radiological surveys, the CRIIRAD laboratory discovered situations of environmental contamination and a lack of proper protection of the inhabitants against health risks due to ionizing radiation. Radiological problems are not only to be addressed during mining or milling operations but also on the longer term after mine closure….” They further note that “Bioaccumulation of radioactive metals can be extremely high in the biota. In some cases, the contamination of aquatic plants by radium 226 downstream uranium mines can exceed 100,000 Bq/kg dry… This shows that the mine water treatment system is not operating properly. The problem of bioaccumulation is usually not taken into consideration by the companies nor the administrations in charge of environmental monitoring and regulatory control. It should be noted as well that radioactive metals are transported far away from the mines. At Les Bois Noirs mine, uranium accumulation in sediments is still 54 times above background value 12 km downstream the mine… Uranium and radium accumulation in aquatic plants are 4 to 6 times above background value 30 km downstream the discharge pipe from the mine…” See document here: http://www.criirad.org/actualites/uraniumfrance/Synthese_PDF/anglais.pdf
Radiological hazards from uranium mining“, By Bruno Chareyron (Emphasis our own). Recall that 100,000 Bq/kg is 100,000 radioactive disintegrations per second per kilogram (2.2 pounds).

Does anyone really expect the French government to treat Africans or anyone else better than its own people? The French government has messed up its own house and is spreading out the mess, like a dirty rat!

After having dug up France for uranium, France finds its uranium from the four corners of the world. AREVA is active on 5 continents in the exploration, mining, milling of uranium and alleged rehabilitation of sites. If the rehab has been inadequate in France, does anyone really believe it does better outside of France? It has operating mines in Canada, Kazakstan and Niger, as well as other projects under development in Africa (e.g. Namibia; Central African Republic). It has 15% of the market share, as of 2013, making it the second largest uranium producer (presumably Russia Rosatom is the largest).

AREVA has been working with Mitsubishi Corporation to explore for uranium in Australia. Areva currently has more than 120 exploration licenses in Austrlia.

After having mined for decades in Gabon, Areva got four mineral exploration permits in 2008 (prospecting started in 2006), each for 8,000 km2 in Mopia, Andjogo, Lekabi and N’Goutou. They are back to exploring again in the old Francevillian mining concession historically mined by France with the Bagombe, Mikouloungou, Ndzali and Mberse deposits. Areva is involved in exploration in Mongolia (AREVA MONGOL), too.

AREVA is involved at WIPP and at Sellafield. They are at the over-priced MOX facility in South Carolina. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areva
https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/damning-report-about-radiation-leak-at-urs-led-wipp-partner-is-babcock-wilcox-major-subcontractor-areva/ http://www.srswatch.org See also: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/areva-at-the-heart-of-fukushimas-explosive-reactor-expose/

The intent of this post is not to be comprehensive regarding Nuclear France, but rather to point to the gross exploitation by France of its own territory and other countries, especially Africa, to keep its nuclear power going. Ebola and massive immigration are blow-back of the exploitation of Africa.

The danger is ever-present. Past, Present, Future. The health and environmental cost of Nuclear France is high, within France and without. In Paris and Greater Province (the World).