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Haiti Judges Alter Presse
Courageous Haitian Judges, Image from http://www.alterpresse.org/spip.php?article16030#.VDCMJn8aySM

Port-au-Prince, 4 Oct. 2014 [AlterPresse] The death of former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier does not put an end to the quest for justice by the victims of the dictator, according to Danièle Magloire, of the Collective against Impunity (Collectif contre l’impunité), which accompanied the plaintiffs in court.

“The fight for justice continues”, declared the human rights activist to AlterPresse. She was on an information tour in Canada about the Duvalier case, which has also been followed by the Canadian organization of Lawyers without Borders (Avocats sans Frontières).

The former tyrant died at age 63 of a heart attack at Pétionville (eastern periphery), announced one of his lawyers to AlterPresse.

“It’s terrible news”, was the reaction of Danièle Magloire. “Another dictator is dead without having been judged”, she continued.

But, she added, the case cannot be “closed”, because “Duvalier was not alone”.

She calls for the continuation of the judicial process against the associates-followers of the former “president for life”, in order to shed light on the crimes committed during his reign of terror (1971-1986).

After having heard several victims of the Duvalier dictatorship, as well as the former tyrant, the Court of Appeals of Port-au-Prince recognized, last February 20th, the need to judge Jean-Clause Duvalier for crimes against humanity and economic crimes.

The court required the identification of all those categorized as associates-accomplices, the details of the situation, those charged who were deceased, the hearing of witnesses cited by the plaintiffs during their deposition before the court and finishing all necessary investigative actions.

“No page was turned”, concludes Danièle Magloire, who believes that before the page can be turned “it must be at least read”, then “it will turn itself”.

The head of the Collective against Impunity insists on the “duty of remembrance” and warns against any hints by those in power of organizing a “state funeral” for Jean-Claude Duvalier.

“It would be another attempt to rehabilitate Duvalier” by the current administration of President Michel Martelly and of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, characterized as “Duvaliéristes”.

The Duvalier Affair has been pending since the return of the ex-dictator to Haiti on January 16, 2011, after 25 years of exile in France.

Jean-Claude Duvalier succeeded his father François Duvalier, deceased in 1971 after having established a despotic regime in Haiti starting in 1957. [gp apr 4/10/2014 15 :00] Our translation. The original French is found here: http://www.alterpresse.org/spip.php?article17099#.VDB0jn8aySM

We added the title “Courageous Haitian Judges” to the picture. If you followed the case of the death of Haitian Judge Jean Serge Joseph, you know why!

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