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As appears clear from the SEPA “consultation” documents for 3 October, 2014, EDF (Electricity of France) intends to make its nuclear power plants in southern Scotland into nuclear waste hubs (plaques tournantes) serving the Irish Sea and North Sea respectively. They apparently want to be able to import-export “Intermediate level” radioactive waste from any EDF facility in the world (e.g. France) for “processing” where-ever they please – such as Tennessee, Sweden, Germany, as well as the UK, and possibly bring it back classified as “Low Level waste”, which will be disposed of in non-disclosed locations, whereas currently they must state the location. At least this is our understanding of the case. Read it yourself and see.

Given the UK’s new policy of allowing some “low level” waste to be reclassified as dustbin, non-radioactive, when it is actually very radioactive, it seems clear that this could be a means to turn Scotland’s landfills into an international EDF radioactive wastebin. It may also be an import-export hub to make Dounreay, Scotland into an international radioactive waste dump.

Since nuclear energy, along with defence, are UK-Westminster “reserved” powers, there doesn’t seem much which can be done to stop this scandal outside of voting for the independence of Scotland, although if Scotland votes to stay in UK nuclear chains, it is important to still try to stop it. http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/visitandlearn/25488.aspx

Voting for independence is the only clear way to tell EDF “Va-t-on! Salopards!” EDF “Oot!”. Otherwise, Scotland will be dependent upon environmentalists in Norway, Ireland, and Germany to stop the waste from circulating, like Cumbria must depend on Ireland and Norway, for protection. Isn’t it better to be able to protect oneself?

If not, Scotland will have been cleared of so many of its people, over the course of centuries, only to make its lochs, towns, mountains and glens into a French nuclear landfill. Those cleared, of course, landed upon other peoples in other lands, increasing the criminality of destroying Scotland … Wouldn’t it be better to let Scotland’s sons and daughters return home (currently NOT allowed), than to make the land into a nuclear landfill?

Here is Hunterston NPS Hub to be, near Glasgow, on the Irish Sea. Hunterston can be used to send waste to Tennessee, USA for “processing” and either to be dumped in the USA, or to be returned for dumping in Scotland or elsewhere.
Hunterston NPP

Here is the Torness NPS near Dunbar, Hub to be, on the North Sea, where it can circulate waste to Sweden or Germany and back.
Torness NPP

We have already noted the shocking fact that the head of the UK Dept. of Energy and Climate Change (Ed Davey)’s brother worked for EDF as a consulting lawyer, when it bought British Energy in 2008. EDF has worked with the law firm of his brother, since. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/uk-energy-secretarys-nuclear-conflict-of-interest-a-commoners-view/ That almost no one seems bothered by this, is a good reason to exit the UK, asap.

The following is about Hunterston, only, because if we take more time, it will be too late for the Independence vote. The general consultation site for Oct. 3rd is here: http://www.sepa.org.uk/about_us/consultations.aspx

Current State of Affairs: “Radioactive waste can only be transferred off-site to specified locations.

Requested Change: “Variation to enable LLW to be transferred off-site to any site authorised to receive it for treatment and disposal.” [Recall that some landfills will be “authorised” now, depending on the level of “low level”.]

Permission sought to transfer Intermediate Level Waste off-site for treatment such that its final waste form can be “categorised as Low Level Waste and is suitable for disposal”. These include Lillyhall UK; Germany; Sweden; Tennessee, USA; and other UK facilities both named (4 more) and unnamed, as well as any new UK or overseas facilities. It does not say where it is suitable for disposal, but this may well be Scottish landfills. Furthermore, it is going to turn INTERMEDIATE WASTE TO LOW LEVEL WASTE!

Currently, “Radioactive wastes that can be transferred off-site are subject to annual activity limits set for individual radionuclides and groups of radionuclides“.

EDF wants a “Variation to enable radioactive waste to be transferred off-site to any appropriate site that is authorised to receive it regardless of: Radionuclide composition;the Specific acitivity; Total activity” with the note that “The current authorisation prevents ILW oils from being disposed within reasonable timescales.

Currently, “Radioactive waste transferred off-site must be in one of the following forms: Solids, Organic liquids

EDF wantsVariation to enable the radioactive wastes to be transferred off-site to any appropriate site that is authorised to receive it regardless of: physical characteristics; chemical characteristics“.

EDF comment:
The current authorisation prevents wet wastes which often contain an aqueous component such as sludges and IX resins…from being transferred off-site for treament and disposal“.

Variation requested to enable “Hunterston B. Power station to receive radioactive waste from other EDF Energy power stations for the following purposes: Interim storage; Loading of containers, Onward transfer. There will be no processing or treatment of waste that has been transferred to Hunterston B. Power Station from another site.

EDF comment: “The proposed change would enable better implementation of the waste management hierarchy and help EDF Energy implement centralised approach to the management of radioactive wastes where there are currently no available disposal routes.” [Note: “centralised approach” and where there are “no available disposal routes”, which seems code for bringing in nuclear waste from everywhere and dumping it where they please].

Allowing waste to be received at Hunterston B. Power station would enable EDF Energy to combine similar waste arsings from other EDF Energy stations to form a joint consignment…” [What a hysterical Freudian slip! The original does indeed speak of waste arsings, rather than waste arisings!]

As the UK Nuclear industry works to implement the UK’s national low activity radioactive waste strategy… more radioactive waste disposal services will become available. Should this variation be successful it would avoid the need to vary the authorisation each time a new route becomes available.” [These new locations will probably be public landfills. That seems to be the UK’s “low activity radioactive waste strategy”!].

From p. 10, seems to be the current wastes produced at Hunterston B. Nuclear Power Station. This certainly doesn’t sound low level, does it?

THAT IS LLW IS 4 MILLION BECQUERELS PER KG OF ALPHA RAD OR 12 MILLION BECQUERELS PER KG BETA/GAMMA. In other words, their solid “low level” radioactive waste has 4 million radioactive disintegrations-emissions per second of alpha radiation emitters (e.g. plutonium, americium) and/or 12 million radioactive disintegrations per second. It’s not really clear if they mean AND or if they mean OR. Re: EDF Hunterston: http://www.sepa.org.uk/about_us/idoc.ashx?docid=ce7bb05f-0654-40da-aaf1-e5605a820ab1&version=-1 (Emphasis added).

Regarding Torness, which we have not had time to examine in detail, but which appears identical, or almost so: http://www.sepa.org.uk/about_us/idoc.ashx?docid=b6c87d20-3230-45db-af34-b3f5d05db2da&version=-1

If Scotland votes its independence, the first thing which they need to do is to invigorate the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, unless they perk up spontaneously when their chains are broken. SEPA appears rather roll over dead before the nuclear industry; limp and lifeless.
This is from their document. The EDF documents make the EDF intent more clear. It is necessary to read carefully, because on first glance it makes it look like it could be a good thing, but we think it is not.
SEPA Hunterston, Oct. 2014, 9

SEPA Hunterston Oct. 2014, p. 10

Yellow and Red Emphasis added, From:
Application by EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited for Changes to the Authorisation covering the disposal of Radioactive Wastes from Hunterston B and Torness Power Stations