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Gare Loch, Scotland, home to the UK’s Leaking Nuclear Subs and Arsenal, far, far away from the London-Westminster power elite.
Faslane zoom out
Looking at a map suggests that the UK’s Westminster-London ruling class have tried to make sure that the most dangerous leaking nuclear facilities, Sellafield, Dounreay, and Faslane-Coulport, are as far as possible from them.

Although the majority of Scots do not want the UK’s nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines in Scotland, the UK is not only leaving them there, but plans to double the number, unless Scotland votes for independence! Better known are the convoys of nuclear weapons traveling from Berkshire, across the UK, to Faslane: http://www.nukewatch.org.uk/?page_id=7

There has been discussion of possible accidents, but little discussion of the fact that the nuclear submarines are actively and legally leaking into Scottish air and into the water at Gare Loch!

Proposed limits for liquid emissions include 50 million becquerels of alpha emitters per year into Gare Loch at Faslane. And, 500 billion becquerels of tritium. Plus 125 million becquerels of Cobalt 60 and 125 million of beta emitters. Up to 20 billion becquerels of tritium into air at Coulport. (SEPA consultation, p. 10) Also, when these nuclear submarines leak elsewhere, the waste water will be brought back to Faslane to be processed and dumped into the Loch! (A becquerel is one radioactive disintegration per second).

In a very deceptive manner the UK MoD-SEPA say they will reduce the limits of emissions, all while intending to increase the actual emissions!

Furthermore, the document seems to imply that under the new UK “low level” waste laws, some of radioactive waste from “Her Majesty’s Naval Base” in Scotland will end up in public landfills in Scotland, classified as non-radioactive!
Gare Loch
Gare Loch is quasi enclosed, which leads to another quasi enclosed waterway (the Upper Firth of Clyde), which leads into another quasi enclosed waterway (the Lower Firth of Clyde), and into another quasi enclosed water way, the Irish Sea. In this last, build up of radionuclides, much from Sellafield, has been well-documented.

This is a crime on multiple levels. Many people from this area were forced into exile for wanting a Scottish King on the throne of Scotland, rather than the UK’s German monarch; for wanting to speak their native tongue of Scots Gaelic; for wanting to wear tartan or other Scottish clothing (Dress Act); for wanting to carry a weapon (e.g. a dirk).
Abolition and Proscription of the Highland Dress 19 George II, Chap. 39, Sec. 17, 1746:
That from and after the first day of August, One thousand, seven hundred and forty-six, no man or boy within that part of Britain called Scotland, other than such as shall be employed as Officers and Soldiers in His Majesty’s Forces, shall, on any pretext whatever, wear or put on the clothes commonly called Highland clothes (that is to say) the Plaid, Philabeg, or little Kilt, Trowse, Shoulder-belts, or any part whatever of what peculiarly belongs to the Highland Garb; and that no tartan or party-coloured plaid of stuff shall be used for Great Coats or upper coats, and if any such person shall presume after the said first day of August, to wear or put on the aforesaid garment or any part of them, every such person so offending … For the first offence,shall be liable to be imprisoned for 6 months, and on the second offence, to be transported to any of His Majesty’s plantations beyond the seas, there to remain for the space of seven years.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dress_Act_1746 (Do you really think that anyone returned? Except perhaps from nearby Ireland?)
Aftermath of the 1745 rebellion

So, the UK gov chased the people, only to poison the air and water? Now, the people remaining, or who came afterwards, don’t want the leaking nuclear subs or nuclear weapons, and yet the waterways and air are poisoned by a distant power in Westminster-London.

If Scotland votes no to independence, then the amount of nuclear submarines will double and the amount of leakage will more than double due to expected maintenance.

But, here is where the high comedy begins! If Scotland votes for independence, then the nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines must find a new home.

Now some have stated that Devonport in England does not want to keep the nuclear submarines, with their nuclear warheads, which they are set to get shot of (or maybe we should say shut of?), nor add more.

It has been suggested that bringing the nuclear arsenal away from Scotland’s largest city to England might cause a debate among the English populace. Now, that’s pretty funny isn’t it? (This scenario will be ideal, however, if it makes England decide to rid itself of nuclear submarines and weapons, which will almost certainly mean no more nuclear power.)

But, it gets funnier! Some have gone as far as suggesting that if Scotland doesn’t want the nuclear subs and weapons that the US or France should keep the UK’s nuclear arsenal for England! It seems that America has been too diluted by post-revolutionary migrants, because there appear few peeps or qualms in making America, a stolen land, into the dumping ground for German, or other foreign, nuclear waste, and perhaps the leaking ground for the UK nuclear submarine arsenal! Is the US still run by London, as alleged by William Jennings Bryan? Is it because the land was stolen that no one cares for it? The UK establishment really has gall to run the people off the land in Scotland, only to poison it with radiation. To move their poison to another stolen land (USA), product of British Imperialism, would really be over the top. Who needs to worry about terrorists or nuclear war, with governments like these?

And, people talk of fear of leaving the UK? The Irish very recently fought a bloody war to liberate themselves from the UK’s yoke of oppression. It was only this liberation, which allowed them to avoid nuclear power and nuclear weapons. You can be certain that if they had not, that Sellafield would be located in Bantry Bay, Ireland, poisoning their salmon, or elsewhere along the western coast of Ireland, or perhaps at Kinsale.

What did Northern Ireland get for their loyalty in staying in the UK, when given the option to stay or go with the rest of Ireland? They are even more poisoned by Sellafield than the Republic of Ireland is!

Look at those many who fought wars and engaged in revolt against UK tyranny, or their descendants, look them in the eyes and tell them that you are frightened? Of Freedom to get rid of nuclear weapons and have money for education and health care in their stead? Look at the many innovations of the Scots! Innovation is more important than ever in the contemporary world: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_inventions_and_discoveries

This is from last year’s consultation regarding leakage at “Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde”, aka Scotland (Emphasis added): “SEPA: Proposed Changes to Letters of Agreement covering the disposal of Radioactive Wastes from HMNB Clyde Faslane and Coulport“. (12 week Consultation ended 20 September 2013).

HMNB Clyde comprises of 2 sites: the Faslane Naval Base and the Royal Naval Armaments Depot at Coulport.

Faslane is located on the North Eastern shore of Gare Loch. It is one of MoD’s principal operational submarine bases. The number of submarines which operate from Faslane is scheduled to increase. The vision for FASLANE is that it WILL BECOME the UK’s SINGLE OPERATIONAL SUBMARINE BASE and the UK Submarine Centre of Specialisation within the next 10 years. This will involve the relocation of existing submarines and the location of new submarines to Faslane. Faslane’s function is to support the operation of submarines including routine maintenance and the provision of associated services. Coulport is on the eastern shore of Loch Long and is used to store conventional armaments for the Royal Navy and is the UK’s Strategic Weapon Facility.
“. [on p. 9 they say that currently no gaseous waste is emitted from Faslane and so they want to remove this agreement]

It should be noted that although there are PLANS TO INCREASE THE NUMBERS OF SUBMARINES AT FASLANE this does not represent any change to the nature of the RADIOACTIVE WASTE arising though it MAY HAVE AN IMPACT ON THE QUANTITY OF WASTE PRODUCED“. (p. 7 of 22).

Liquid radioactive waste primarily originates from the OPERATION of submarine reactor circuits and the associated plant. Much smaller amounts arise from MAINTENANCE WORK and laboratories…” [after some treatment] “It is then discharged into the Gare Loch“.

In recent years liquid discharges from Faslane have been… lower than the agreed limits. This … reflects the reduced number of submarines currently home ported at Faslane. However THE NUMBER OF SUBMARINES IS EXPECTED TO INCREASE FROM 5 TO 14 BY 2019 as the new Astute submarines come into service and the existing T-class submarines relocated from Devonport. THERE ARE SOME MAINTENANCE ROUTINES WHICH ARE FORESEEABLE BUT NOT DONE ROUTINELY THAT RESULT IN LARGE AMOUNTS OF EFFLUENT FOR TREATMENT. THESE ROUTINES HAVE NOT BEEN CARRIED OUT IN THE LAST 5 YEARS WHICH IS REFLECTED IN THE DISCHARGE FIGURES. THE LIMITS SET INCLUDE ALLOWANCE FOR THIS MAINTENANCE WORK….”
[In other words, they hadn’t been leaking so much over the last 5 years, but they intend to increase leakage.]

Proposed limits for liquid emissions at Faslane include 50 million becquerels of alpha emitters per year into Gare Loch at Faslane. And, 500 billion becquerels of tritium. Plus 125 million becquerels of Cobalt 60 and 125 million of beta emitters. Up to 20 billion becquerels of tritium into air at Coulport (See p. 10)

MoD identified a potential need to TRANSFER EFFLUENTS FROM SUBMARINES OPERATING AWAY FROM FASLANE. This could be while the submarines were at Coulport or at foreign ports. The effluents would be exactly the same as those generated by the submarine had it been at Faslane. The effluents would be transported to THE EFFLUENTS WOULD BE TRANSPORTED TO the radioactive effluent treatment facility at FASLANE for treatment and DISCHARGE in the normal way. [i.e. into Gare Loch]. (p. 8 of 22)

New UK law makes 100,000 Bq/kg of tritium classify as non-radioactive “out of scope”.


Original document with red boxes added by us. Original at link: http://www.sepa.org.uk/about_us/consultations/idoc.ashx?docid=13beb054-f3cf-45d1-9867-1d30c02c2e53&version=-1
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