This gets to the crux of the “low level” nuke waste stakes. NB: 500 Bq/g is 500,000 Bq per kg (2.2 pds)


KEEKLE HEAD Nuclear Dump

Whose Shadow on the Land?  Keekle Head 2013 Whose Shadow on the Land? Keekle Head 2013

Radiation Free Lakeland
Thank you for making time for me to speak on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland (i). I founded the South Lakes based voluntary group in 2008 following ‘expression of interest’ in geological disposal by Cumbrian councils. We are wholehearted in our aim to prevent further nuclearisation of Cumbria and encourage others, both individuals and groups, to do likewise. We have no funding or sponsors apart from the generosity of fellow campaigners.

What is Keekle Head?
Keekle Head (ii)is a former open cast coal mine whose owners reneged on an agreement to remediate the site. As with all holes dug in Cumbria the open cast coal workings soon filled with fresh water up to the water table and the site is now an acknowledged haven for a large variety of increasingly threatened wildlife species…

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