Germany wants to send its high level nuclear waste 7,215 km (4,509 miles) by boat, train, probably road too, to dump on South Carolina. If you object tell Mr. Andrew Grainger,, NEPA Compliance Officer, USDOE before July 21st.


Nuclear Waste Trains STOP!  Leaflet the Station Near you on 19th JulyNuclear Waste Trains Map

Do you know if trains carrying nuclear waste go through your neighbourhood?  All radioactive waste (spent fuel) from nuclear power stations is sent to Sellafield in Cumbria.

It is mainly transported by rail with Direct Rail Services (owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) .  Some parts of the journey are by road.

The late Bob Crow, leader of the Railway Maritime and Transport Workers Union was opposed to continued transports of nuclear waste around the country.  Earlier this year a nuclear freight train pulling a wagon used to transport spent fuel smashed into a stranded car on a level crossing at Silverdale.  Silverdale is the next station along the line from Carnforth where the iconic film Brief Encounter  was filmed.

The “train remained upright” and was carrying empty flasks. However it is not just the flasks loaded with spent fuel that are cause for concern. The National Radiological Protection Board  pointed out that…

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