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While we believe that Moxie, i.e. strength of character, is the best way to deal with the problem which Swiss Bankers pose to fair taxation, France and now the US seem to have come up with a more lethal idea: MOX!
Beznau to Zurich
The world’s oldest operating Nuclear Power Plant, Beznau, opened in 1969, and located only 38 km (24 miles) from Zurich and its bankers, has been fitted out to run on super dangerous MOX fuel. Majority French government owned Areva provided the MOX for Fukushima Reactor 3 and appears to provide it to Beznau too.

Dangerous MOX is just what needs to be running in an elderly nuclear reactor like Beznau, which already has to be materially weakened due to old age, if you hope to rid the world of those nasty Swiss bankers – and a whole lot of other folk, depending on the direction of the foehn wind.

According to the NIRS:
Use of MOX in nuclear reactors is not safe, and could result in serious accidents….

Use of MOX fuel attacks commercial nuclear reactors where they are the weakest. Many reactors are aging prematurely, and cracks are appearing in vital reactor components. Most atomic reactors were not originally designed to use MOX fuel and MOX makes key reactor components age even faster.

Because of its high ‘neutron flux’ levels, the reactor pressure vessel can become embrittled and fail during accident conditions. A nuclear accident involving MOX fuel could cause a meltdown more serious than Three Mile Island or Chernobyl, because the levels of radiation inside a reactor using MOX are even higher than in a normal atomic reactor.” (Emphasis added) http://www.nirs.org/factsheets/basicmoxinfo.htm

Beznau is also located on an artificial island, in the Aare River, just before it merges into the Rhine, in the midst of areas known to have had major earthquakes in recent historical memory (e.g. Basel and Konstanz). Northern Switzerland is considered low risk for earthquakes, not because the risk of earthquakes is low, but because the population is low and insurance risk for earthquakes is thus lower.

France loses lots of its tax revenues, because well-heeled French flee over the border for Swiss tax deals. To further exacerbate the problem, French working in Switzerland pay taxes in Switzerland, but when they lose their jobs they are on the social welfare dole in France.

France is recycling Swiss spent fuel for them to send back to operate in Beznau, and one other Swiss Nuclear Power Plant (Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant, which dates from 1979). According to Swiss ENSI, there is also on-site storage of spent fuel at the Beznau site (dry storage also for waste). It appears that US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham does not want to be left out of this apparent attempt to rid the world of Swiss bankers. Not satisfied, it seems, with the recent $2.5 billion fine which the US got from Credit Suisse, last May, Senator Graham has managed to get $400 million to finish building the MOX facility at Savannah River (See 06/17/2014 http://www.lgraham.senate.gov). There has been great moaning that the MOX facility has no clients. Well, the Swiss can ship their nuclear waste up the Rhine River, placing that great waterway crossing France, Germany and the Netherlands at risk and ship it across the Atlantic, perhaps meeting a hurricane en route, have it converted to MOX and then sent back. That would give Graham’s MOX facility both business and a chance to do-in Swiss bankers (and maybe western Europe).
Hurricane Hugo 1989 sept
Hurricane Hugo headed to South Carolina, September 1989
There are some major problems, however, with this plan – if the wind is blowing from the south Germany or France will be badly hit by the fallout from an accident at Beznau. And, as we know from Chernboyl and Fukushima – the whole world would be impacted by a major accident.

But then again, if the foehn wind is blowing from the southwest, the fallout from a Beznau accident could land on French actor Gérard Depardieu, who has fled to the loving arms of Vladimir Putin to get an even better tax deal in Russia than the Swiss would offer.
Gerard Depardieu and Vladimir Putin at Sochi
Courtesy of http://www.kremlin. ru via Wikimedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gérard_Depardieu_and_Vladimir_Putin,_Sochi,_Russia,_2013-01-06_1.jpeg

Moxie not Mox is Needed

And, so it may be concluded that Moxie not Mox is needed. Moxie, i.e. courage, is needed to stop idiotic MOX. Moxie, the courage to stand up for what is right and just, is also the best “weapon” against Swiss and other nasty bankers. No lethal Mox is needed or recommended.

Rather is needed “One Nation, under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All“. Rather is needed “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” (Freedom, equality, brotherhood). Whatever happened to those ideas? How did Liberty and Justice and the Moxie required to get it, become lethal nuclear MOX? Oh, yeah, that would be from becoming like those you fight: Nazi Germany had the first nuclear weapons program. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_nuclear_energy_project

And now Germany wants to export their nuclear waste on everyone else (Italy, Russia, Tennessee- South Carolina -USA), so if Beznau blows, and there is a south foehn wind, that might just be justice, but many innocent may perish to get a few bad German corporate and government leaders. There must be a better way!