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Nuclear power plants emit radionuclides into the environment during operations, which is also unsustainable.

Sustainable Investment Observations

In my previous blog the question was posed, “Nuclear Power, Is it Sustainable?”  In fact if we analyze the Nuclear Power generation cycle it is clearly unsustainable.  Sustainable energy is  1) renewable 2) efficient and 3) safeguards future generations access to a clean and healthy environment.  The production of radioactive waste in the mining, processing, generating and disposal of waste eliminates this energy as sustainable.  The only factor that might be considered sustainable is the generation of electric power with minimal CO2 emissions during the actual electric generation.

So what can you do on an individual level to support the generation of sustainable power?  And more specifically how can your investments help to create a more sustainable society?

Almost all residents of developed nations can reduce their consumption of energy without reducing their quality of life.  The resulting reduction in demand will reduce the rationale for new, large centralized electrical…

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