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Louisiana State Capitol Building

Notable Quotables (in their own words)
May 30, 2014 by Tom Aswell, of the Louisiana Voice

The flag of the oil companies still flies over the Louisiana Capitol today.
—General Russel Honoré, US Army (Ret.), leader of Louisiana’s ‘GreenArmy’, and candidate for governor, commenting on the Louisiana House’s vote Thursday to not only kill future lawsuits against oil companies by levee boards, but to make such prohibition retroactive. The vote kills efforts by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East (SELPA-E) to force 97 oil and gas companies to repair the damage they have inflicted on Louisiana’s coastline and marshes over decades of pollution and misuse,.

“Thank all the people who worked to try make the oil industry obey the law and the legislators who voted to do so. I think many of the legislators who voted to kill the lawsuit know perfectly well that they were doing the wrong thing. This fight is not over. We will see you in court. And we will see you at the next election. Apparently a majority of the legislators believe that the oil and gas industry actually is above the law, which is an interesting concept to embrace in the United States.
—John Barry, teagued by Jindal as vice president of SFLPA-E, and who has continued to fight on behalf of the lawsuit filed last July by SFLPA-E, on the action by the House
“. http://louisianavoice.com/2014/05/30/notable-quotables-in-their-own-words-225/

Tom Aswell explains:
To the less erudite, to be ‘Teagued’ is to be removed from one’s employment with state government by a governor critically short on forgiveness.

The term derives its name from Jindal’s propensity to fire employees, especially those who may have the temerity to question or challenge his decisions. It began early in his first administration when Tammie McDaniel, a member of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, questioned certain budget decisions. Jindal immediately asked for her resignation. She refused at first but eventually resigned…” (Read the entire article here: http://louisianavoice.com/2012/02/23/to-teague-or-not-to-teague-in-this-case-there-is-no-question/ )