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Hungarian Spectrum

The sharp-eyed reporters of vs.hu, a fairly new site favored by younger readers, discovered on http://www.pravo.hu.ru the Russian text of the Russian-Hungarian loan agreement in connection with the extension of the Paks nuclear power plant. Although some Hungarian media outlets claim the text is no longer available, it can still be downloaded from the link vs.hu provided. Here are a few details I gleaned from summaries of the Russian text.

There were rumors earlier that Viktor Orbán had originally turned to the Russians for a general-purpose loan but that in the end he had to be satisfied with a loan earmarked for Rosatom to build two new reactors in Paks, which will double the capacity of the Hungarian nuclear power plant. It looks as if the Russians tried to ensure that the Hungarian government can use the loan of up to 10 billion euros only for Paks. Moreover, the loan…

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