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Flying the Flag for Radioactive Beaches?

Radioactive Contamination warning sign for Cumbrian Beaches Radioactive Contamination warning sign for Cumbrian Beaches

Radiation Free Lakeland will be at Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s ‘Beached Art’ event to hand out leaflets and place over 40 ‘radioactive’ pebbles on the beach. The ‘radioactive’ pebbles will symbolise the increasing numbers of radioactive particles brought onto St Bees beach with every tide as a result of historic discharges and also the increased reprocessing activity at Sellafield.

Increasingly nuclear safety  groups are warning that the public has a right to know about the radioactive particles being found on beaches.  Nuclear safety groups feel that  the public and most especially parents should have the opportunity to make up their own minds as to how long their children should spend playing in contaminated sand.

Jo Brown of Parents Concerned About Hinkley has said:

“UK seaside local authorities have become aware that in 2015 the EU
Bathing Water Directive will impose…

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