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The human plutonium experiments are included in some of the entries for the 1943-49 research experiments listed below. We introduced the Human Plutonium Experiments at the bottom of this interim post: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/from-the-nuclear-buchenwald-touch-hamiltons-words-in-1950-to-nuclear-extermination/

A pro-nuclear individual-troll implied that we were exaggerating, when we said that those promoting nuclear appear to want to be as gods. However, actually, our statement has its roots in a comment made, decades ago, by an Oak Ridge Biochemist-Ph.D., who once observed that doctors were like gods, with the power of life and death over people. As this comment was made before the first US Congressional Report on the “American Nuclear Guinea Pigs“, 1986, it seemed rather odd. In fact, peculiar enough to recall, in detail, decades later.

Aren’t doctors supposed to heal people and not wield the power of life and death over them? Not in Oak Ridge, and other places, where there were human plutonium and other radioactive experiments! Or, at least not so historically.

But, what these Oak Ridge and other doctors did to individuals, the nuclear lobby and nuclear industry are doing to the world, currently, today! Today we are no longer speaking of individual human and animal guinea pigs but world-wide ones.

While the bibliography, which we are examining, “ORNL-502 (Pt 1)
UNITED STATES ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION, BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS, Health Physics Education and Training, July 20, 1949,Oak Ridge National Laboratory
” has about 500 entires for experiments done from 1943 to 1949, and includes all of the US nuclear labs, we also found a bibliography, from 1966 only, and from Oak Ridge, only, which has an estimated 4,000 entries of research projects! None of these appear to have been classified, so how many more were classified? It was truly big business! That year it was run by Union Carbide. See “ORNL-3300 Volume 6 Special, Contract No. W-7405-eng-26, TECHNICAL INFORMATION DIVISION, PUBLICATIONS, REPORTS, AND PAPERS FOR 1966, FROM OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY, F. M. O’Hara, Jr. Ann S. Klein, Editors, AUGUST 1967, OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY Oak Ridge, Tennessee operated by UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION for the U.S. ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION“. It was really academic hogs to trough. Also, the 1949 Bibliography says part 1, suggesting that there may be an additional 500 or more, classified or declassified experiments, listed elsewhere.

Intravenous charge up
Photo by Juni A. from Kyoto, Japan, via Wikimedia Commons (Photo for illustration purposes only).

Before looking at pages 11 to 19 of the 1949 Research Bibliography, we will examine the details of an entry from page 11:
The Excretion of Hexavalent Uranium Following Intravenous Administration. II Studies on Human Subjects. Samuel H. Bassett, Albert Frenkel, Nathan Cedars, Helen VanAlstine, Christine Waterhouse, and Katherine Cusson. (University of Rochester) SECRET
” (Emphasis Added)
The pages are from the US Congressional document, “American Nuclear Guinea Pigs“, 1986:
UR-37, p. 1, from American Nuclear Guinea Pigs, US Congress, 1986
UR-37, p. 2 from American Nuclear Guinea Pigs, US Congress, 1986
(Emphasis added) Entire text found here: http://www2.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/radiation/dir/mstreet/commeet/meet1/brief1/br1n.txt Note the abuse of the homeless for UR-37, as with the Fukushima clean-up of today. Notice the later experiments on prisoners, and the money, which they were paid. Even though most necessities were cheaper at this time, two songs on a 45 vinyl record, ca 1970, cost about one dollar. Since, generally, no one wanted the back side, it was essentially one dollar per song, making it roughly comparable to the average of one dollar per song on itunes today! At least the Principal Investigator for this later prisoner research got his just deserts.

Clinton Lab, found below, was renamed Oak Ridge National Lab:
OR Bib 1949  p. 11
OR Bib 1949 p. 12
OR Bib 1949 p. 13
OR Bib 1949  p. 14
OR Bib 1949  p. 15
OR Bib 1949  p. 16OR Bib 1949, p. 17
OR Bib 1949, p. 18