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Many of the “Great Powers” are trying to poison their own people with 600 to 1,200 Bq/kg of (only) radiocesium allowed in food and water, whereas Japan only allows 100 Bq/kg for all radionuclides. Allowing these high amounts in food and water appears to neatly facilitate dumping into public landfills of nuclear waste. The Powers that Be must have a secret source of food and water.


Working Demo 22nd march 2014 Radioactive Groundwaters? Working Demo 22nd march 2014 Radioactive Groundwaters?

On Saturday, the United Nations World Water Day, around 100 people stopped to sign a letter to Workington MP Tony Cunningham.  In fact so many people stopped in such a short time that campaigners ran out of letters.

The letter says:

Dear Tony Cunningham MP,

 Sellafield was fined £700,000 for illegally dumping 3 bags of low level and one bag of intermediate level waste into Lillyhall landfill.

 Lillyhall has been given a permit to dump the recently classified “exempt” radioactive waste.  This led to the open gate allowing Sellafield to dump even higher activity wastes than the already dangerous “exempt” waste. 

 According to the European Commission the plan is to have liquid radioactive effluent being routinely released from Lillyhall as long as it does not affect Member States.

 We are asking why was Sellafield prosecuted while the landfill operators FCC are allowed…

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