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Stop Nuclear Energy by Stop NSS.nl
Image from stopdenss.nl press release. Sign: Stop Nuclear Power. Abolish Poverty.

Based on Dutch Press Release from Stop the NSS (unofficial translation):

The Hague, March 23, 2014 – The demonstration “Stop nuclear power! Abolish poverty” with some 250 participants, accompanied by an overabundance of police made its way through The Hague. After speeches by Jorien de Lege Greenpeace Netherlands) and Rene Oosterhuys (Stop NSS), the protest procession left the Hobbemaplein towards the Spui, where another three speakers closed the procession. 19 organizations supporting “Stop The NSS” organized the protest.

At the Nuclear Security Summit, which is being held this Monday and Tuesday in The Hague, 58 world leaders will discuss nuclear “security”. Stop the NSS finds it remarkable that the nuclear summit is only about the small likelihood that “terrorists” will run off with nuclear materials.

The likelihood that nuclear disasters happen due to nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons is many times greater. Look, for example, at the disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima. And the very countries meeting at the Summit have almost all of the nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. That there is no mention of this fact makes the Summit a farce.

The things that will be discussed at the Summit were discussed long ago by officials. It was even announced last week that the final statement for the Summit had already been written, even though the Summit had not yet begun. The Summit appears therefore a meeting just for show, at which the world leaders slap each other on the back.

At the Summit, only a total of 7 hours will be discussions, and more time will be spent on dinner parties and photo shoots. For those 7 hours The Hague will be transformed into a military fortress. 13,000 officers, 4,000 military police and 4,000 soldiers are deployed to hold The Hague in their grip. This costs the community more than 200 million euros, at a time when more and more people are being laid off, including in health care, and food banks are gaining customers. This meeting of world leaders will cost more than the amount that The Hague has cut from culture and community centers – cuts which most victimize the poorest. There is not a second thought about it and all must yield before the powerful, who are in turn responsible for the poverty in many parts of the world.
Dutch original here: https://stopdenss.nl/persbericht-stop-de-nss-250-demonstranten-tegen-nss-onderweg-in-den-haag/

Note that there is a twin Nuclear Industry Summit in Amsterdam. It also seems to have little planned, which leads to the suspicion that the back-slapping won’t be simply between politicians. In fact, an EU web site mentions “cooperation govt-industry and gift baskets” in conjunction with this twin Summit! See: http://ec.europa.eu/energy/nuclear/forum/meetings/doc/2013_05_30/day2block1/mr_rakhorst_enef_2013.pdf Just what is in those gift baskets pray tell?

Thus, it is critically important that protests continue today (Monday) in both The Hague and in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam one is a Picket-line by the Internationale Nuclear Industry Summit from 07:15 – 10:00 hr at Beursplein, Amsterdam. More info in Dutch here, which can be put into google translate: https://stopdenss.nl Important but incomplete information is available in English here: https://stopdenss.nl/english/
Protests continue Tuesday: https://stopdenss.nl/agenda-overige/

Tuesday Protests

March 25, 2014: Protest action at the main gate of Urenco
The CEOs of the companies that come to the Nuclear Industry Summit in Amsterdam on March 25, are going to visit Urenco. Enschede for Peace is organizing a counter-action. Urenco is located in the town of Almelo in the Netherlands.

Time: 9:30 to 11, Protest-Picketline
Location: Urenco, Almelo, 1 Drienemansweg
More information: Enschede voor Vrede (Enschede for Peace) http://enschedevoorvrede.nl

March 25, 2014: Decentralized day of action against NSS and NIS all over the Netherlands, except The Hague, called by Auto Nomen den Hague. Due to high military and police presence within The Hague they have called for protests elsewhere. More info here: http://autonomendenhaag.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/dinsdag-25-maart-decentrale-actiedag-tegen-nss-top/ (in Dutch).

About Urenco:
The Urenco Group is a nuclear fuel company operating several uranium enrichment plants in Germany, the Netherlands, United States, and United Kingdom. It supplies nuclear power stations in about 15 countries, and states that it had a 29% share of the global market for enrichment services in 2011.[1][2] Urenco uses centrifuge enrichment technology.[3]
In 2013, sale of the government interests of Urenco was being sought.[4]
In 1970s, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan who worked for a subcontractor of URENCO in Almelo, brought the drawings of the centrifuges operated by Urenco to Pakistan without notifying the URENCO administration and the Dutch government. Those stolen blueprints were never returned to URENCO administration as Khan had resigned from his position.[citation needed] In the early 1974, dr. Khan joined the uranium enrichment programme, launched by Munir Ahmad Khan under Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Prime minister that time. Later, he took over the project, and established a facility that produces the HEU based on the stolen blue prints of URENCO Group.[10] Within a short span of time established a highly advanced uranium enrichment facility near Islamabad.[10]
” References and entire article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urenco_Group