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UK’s Nuclear Security priorities…Is this what the Nuclear Security Summit is for?


Sellafield Deer "threat to security" Sellafield Deer “threat to security”

Just received this shocking reply from Natural England.  Their rationale for giving Sellafield a license to blanket cull is that the deer are “a threat to security” and any way say Natural England it is open season for does (until 31st of March)  and no bucks  have been seen on site (it is closed season for bucks) .

Natural England then helpfully point out that buck fawns can be shot anyway if the doe mother is shot (‘cos thats the humane thing to do – right?)  A fawn stays with the mother until it is over a year old – so any fully grown bucks are classified by Natural England as “fawns.”

The full shocking letter is here:

“Special Permission” to Cull out of Season
From:  “Wildlife, Bristol (NE)” <wildlife@naturalengland.org.uk>
Date:  Mon, March 24, 2014 1:10 pm
To:  marianne birkby
Cc:  “Enquiries (NE)” <enquiries@naturalengland.org.uk>

Dear Miss…

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