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The EU won’t let countries do anything for its farmers because it’s considered illegal subsidies. So, all EU citizens need to write and complain about this illegal subsidy of the nuclear industry on both the grounds of fairness and of world safety.

Nuclear joker burning public Money Nuclear joker burning public Money

The UK government it seems is desperate to burn public money, so desperate that it has made a deal with France’s EDF to guarantee more than twice the market price for nuclear electricity from the proposed new Hinkley C in Somerset.  This will be seen as a test case for further new nuclear build.

Too cheap to meter?   It really would be cheaper to burn money to boil a kettle!  At least there would be no radioactive wastes to look after into eternity.

The European Commission has begun a consultation looking into this extraordinary state aid for what should be a stand alone mature industry.  Extraordinary because every other sector of UK life is being ruthlessly privatised while nuclear, the one industry that should be responsible for itself is given the benefit of nationalisation – at the public’s risk and by the public’s purse.

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