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Map prevailing winds on earth


Oceanic gyres

As inhabitants of the earth,
we are all downwind to fallout from nuclear accidents, and nuclear bombs.
We are all down ocean current to leaks from nuclear accidents, and nuclear waste.
We are all downwind and down current from leaks into air and water legally allowed during the routine operations of nuclear reactors and other nuclear facilities, along with any illegal emissions.

On a more local level you may be downwind, downhill, downstream, or share an aquifer with radioactive elements from the above. These elements bio-accumulate, some staying with you for a short time, others for a lifetime. However, in a world increasingly polluted by radionuclides, how long it stays in the body will be irrelevant, because it will reach steady-state in the body. Furthermore, the external environment will be increasingly contaminated. So, the exposure will be both internal and external.

If radionuclides are in all of the food and water in the world, of course you will ingest them. In fact, they are already there. We don’t need higher amounts. All of the Plutonium from Chernobyl, the Above Ground Nuclear Weapons Tests, etc. is still in the environment, except that which has become Americium, which is still there. Don’t be fooled by the “experts”, who only speak of the shorter-lived and less dangerous radionuclides.

And, how much you ingest depends on if the nuclear industry is allowed to continue to operate, and if nuclear waste is contained properly in containers and supervised or if, as currently is the case, the policy is dump and abandon.

Also, there is the issue of incineration of nuclear waste and how much radiation is legally (or illegally) emitted.

You may be surprised what you are immediately downwind and downstream to….You may want to take a look…Or maybe not…