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DECC is Ed Davey! Cumbria County Council said no to a nuclear waste dump and so the consult appeared his efforts to override County govt! (He denied this, of course.) About Ed’s “apparent” conflict of interest: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/uk-energy-secretarys-nuclear-conflict-of-interest-a-commoners-view/

Cumbria Trust


“Cumbria Trust is very pleased, but not at all surprised, that the majority of respondents have rejected the exclusion of County Councils from the process.
Most people clearly regarded the proposal as a form of gerrymandering by DECC to get the result they want and that given the magnitude of what is involved County Council’s must play a lead role.

The Government should start again by commissioning an independent report on the UK’s suitable geology for a geological disposal facility as well as giving serious consideration to better interim storage namely a proper near surface store for high level waste at Sellafield to facilitate decommissioning where waste can be monitored in the short to medium term and retrieved for ultimate disposal.

No sensible community will volunteer for a geological disposal facility without knowing its geology is safe.

The Nirex enquiry ruled out West Cumbria for a GDF but they…

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