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Dakota Rural Action

We have a problem in this state. There is no other way to open this blog post.

We have three fully allocated aquifers East River, where no more water rights can be granted. Seven more aquifers are close. We have a proposal West River for a uranium mine which is asking for the rights to 13,000 acre feet of water from the Inyan Kara aquifer. If that goes through, we’ll see more applications for uranium mines, and they’ll need just as much – if not more – water from the same aquifers. We have frac sand mine proposals coming through, mining which is extremely water intensive, and the only disposal method of the “sludge” left over after they wash the sand is to dump it back into the hole they just dug. Think mountaintop removal in the Black Hills, for sand.

We have a problem in this state, and that…

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