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Cumbria Trust

At the recent DECC/NGO Forum, Neil Crumpton (Friends of the Earth) raised the following point:

The original MRWS process was intended to deal solely with legacy waste.

With waste from nuclear new build now to be taken into consideration, the capacity of any disposal facilities, wherever they are located,  will need to be vastly increased.

“Reading through the NGO responses, it seems that one of the sticking points was the mixing of a Pandora’s box of new build amongst a legacy, it seems to me that now that government has said that 16Gw is the first tranche, the amounts of new build waste will increase quite significantly.   55Gw I have estimated in a paper which I plan to forward to you, would be about 10 repositories the size of a GDF for legacy waste.


In which case a constructive suggestion would be, why do you not just separate out…

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