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Radiation Free Lakeland have been asked why they have got involved in what appears to be an animal welfare issue.  A fair enough question.  We got involved because the only reason the militaristic fence was put up is to “protect’ the dangerous stockpiles of nuclear waste which includes 120 tons of  weapons grade/terrorist grade plutonium.

The reason the plutonium is there is because the waste keeps on arriving at Sellafield for reprocessing thereby creating more plutonium!

If the deer were on ANY OTHER factory site in the UK then this situation would not have arisen, fences would have been opened and the deer allowed to go free.  As it is the deer are viewed as collateral damage, in much the same way as the people living in the shadow of Sellafield.

The militaristic fences are meaningless while the nuclear industry/government keep chucking radioactive waste into landfill, out to sea, into…

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