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“National Sacrifice Zone to the Cold War”.
Eight Minute Video:

Published on Dec. 20, 2013 by Crystal Zevon: http://youtu.be/zNv801go9nUPeople of the First Nations know first hand the effects of Uranium Mining. Charmaine White Face and Defenders of the Black Hills have written a bill that Congressman Raul Grijalva is presenting to Congress. In this video, Charmaine, Lakota from The Great Sioux Nation, Don Yellowman, Din from the Navajo Nation and Anna Rondon, Dine from Navajo Nation, talk about the effects of uranium on their people and why we need to join this urgent battle and stop all uranium mining

Mining Awareness Comment: There has been some question as to how clean-up could be paid for. Our ideas: stop subsidies to the nuclear industry; stop funding research for “improvements” to old out-dated nuclear technology; higher taxes on uranium mining; money which is being wasted propping up apparently corrupt governments in foreign lands, such as Haiti. For that matter stop “helping” foreign governments, period. Stop policing the world; focus on cleaning up old messes instead of creating new ones! Anything else along these lines.

Nuclear Sacrifice zone and then for what? What was the point of the “Cold War”: Russian govt. owned Rosatom has bought the Uranium One Mines in Wyoming and elsewhere, USA. Putin is an old KGB officer. Go figure!

First Nations is actually used only for Canada. They too know the impacts of uranium mining. In the USA the global term would be American Indian or Native American.

Among other important things there is discussion of possible contamination of exported food.