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Greetings from Sellafield - Save the Sellafield Deer

JOIN US ON SUNDAY in between 1-3 in a RALLY to stop the proposed plan to cull a family group of roe deer trapped in the new double security fence at Sellafield.

Bring Banners Music Yourselves – the plight of the deer is a metaphor for us all.

If ANY other industry or individual were to kill deer in the CLOSED SEASON they would receive a hefty fine and or a prison sentence not so Sellafield who are it seems above the law.

Sellafield are acting illegally and brutally in this matter. As well as the RALLY ON SUNDAY we are calling for volunteers to position themselves either at Calder Gate on a daily basis to protest the culling – or more importantly to position themselves along the fence. Shooting should not take place in the knowledge that people MAY be…

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