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Danube River Drainage-Catchment Basin, by Shannon via wikimedia

The Chernobyl-derived Pu in the Danube Delta sediments evidently originates from non-volatile actinides deposited into the Danube catchment basin during April-May 1986, followed by erosion and fluvial transport to the Black Sea.” From the below article, which is available to the public due to both the hard work of the researchers and their generosity in paying a fee to make it open-access.
Fluvial Transport of Chernobyl Plutonium to the Black Sea, 2010Ketterer et. al., 2010, p. 198Ketterer et. al., 2010, p. 199 Ketterer et. al., 2010, p. 200Ketterer et. al. 2010, p. 201

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