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Notice especially: “The same kind of hostility had greeted her in 1958 when, as head of Oxford University’s Department of Preventive Medicine, she led research that found that X -rays of pregnant women
increased the danger of childhood cancer. Stewart was vindicated”. Is the pro-nuclear lobby going to start recommending xrays to pregnant women again? The information on Three Mile Island is especially important as so little seems to have been written.


This is an article from the 1994 issue of Lies of Our Times – the nuclear lies have continued and are accelerating …. this article exposes the same old lies told in 1994. The lies are being retold and beefed up in 2014 “radiation is good for you” “real environmentalists love nuclear” and so on again and again. Meanwhile the only wholly government sponsored industry pollutes us all.

Lies of Our Times - correcting the record

Lies of Our Times – High Level Omissions by Anna Mayo

from Lies of Our Times July 1994

If you find an outbreak [of illness ) occurring in a place

where there is an observed increase in radiation, then

alarm bells should ring.

-Alice Stewart. M.D., quoted by R W. Apple, Jr.,

“Scenic Suffolk, Land of Saxons, Sizes Up the Atom,”

New York Times, February 1, 1984, p. A2

A March 8, 1994, New York Times…

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