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flying cuttlefish picayune

We see they are going to begin to STUDY CALIFORNIA KELP for radiation. 

Over 1,000 days after multiple, spectacular meltdowns in Japan they turn off all the radiation monitors, dish out lie after lie and avoid food safety checks and air monitoring. And they are going to look at the kelp.

Here’s our list of what they should study:

  • How did Japan get nukes (weapons risk) when they LOST the war and were supposed to be de-militarized?
  • Who authorized the re-militarization of Japan when it was in their surrender agreement that they couldn’t do that?
  • Where is ALL the plutonium from Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors?
  • Where is ALL the corium from Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors?
  • What is the contaminated water flow rate at Fukushima into the sea?
  • How does Japan plan to pay reparations to the foreigners they kill, infants not born or born with major radiation defects?
  • How does Japan…

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