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None of us have anyplace left to hide. The reindeer are also both proof of this fact and metaphor.

Monbiot’s book “Feral” and his recent pro-nuclear stance sounds like a combination of middle-age crisis/male menopause and either the repercussions of having had malaria of the brain-being declared brain dead two decades ago or the promise by the pro-nuclear lobby to provide for him in his old age. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Monbiot Sounds like it. Of course, the pro-nuclear lobby is very adept at fooling people. But, even a little scratching under the surface proves them wrong. If he didn’t scratch he’s not much of a researcher, which is another alternative with what’s wrong with him. But, he’s not a politician so why should anyone care? Bigger worry is politicians buying into or being bought into the new nuclear agenda.

Even Beatrix Potter’s Hedgehogs are not safe near Sellafield. Beatrix Potter’s pet hedgehog, Mrs. Tiggy-winkle was an inspiration for the book “The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tale_of_Mrs._Tiggy-Winkle



Is this the nuclear age’s version of ‘rewilding’? Earth turned to Unearth, Sea turned to Unsea, Air turned to Unair, Roe deer turned to radioactive waste?

The Whitehaven News reports that “A HERD of deer is set to be culled after being trapped between two fences at Sellafield. The wild roe deer are to be shot after it emerged that their habitat has been enclosed in a large area between two newly-erected security fences at the site’s south perimeter”.

The fate of the deer is a metaphor for the whole of Cumbria. Any mammal that dies on the Sellafield nuclear site is automatically classified as nuclear waste and put into freezers until such time as they can be dumped.

George Monbiot and other nuclear cheerleaders are in the same league as Tony Blair in putting forward a blizzard of dodgy dossiers to facilitate a nasty and vicious pronuclear agenda. Remember…

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