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Reminder: Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, wanted for Crimes Against Humanity and Theft of Government Funds; and Dictator Prosper Avril, not only remain free, but are coddled by the Martelly-Lamothe regime, while Judge Jean-Serge Joseph, investigating the case of alleged corruption against Martelly’s wife and son, appears to have died in vain, as there appears no movement on the case. The complainant, Enol(d) Florestal remains in jail, along with his brother. Lucky for them that a few brave souls continue to protest.

Based on our translation of a 17 January report by Tout Haiti, with additional information from RNDDH; Video by Frantz Etienne:
Sit-In, Free the political prisonners the brothers Florestal and Arrest the Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier 17 January 2014

Video by Frantz Etienne

In Haiti, people are arrested and then imprisoned for their political opinions, whereas dictators and torturers like Jean Claude Duvalier and Prosper Avril are welcomed in official receptions with great pomp and circumstance and a red carpet by the Neo-Duvalierist regime of Martelly-Lamothe.

It’s in these terms that we can summarize the slogans of the protestors of the MOLEGHAF and other grassroots and student organizations who gathered in front of the Ministry of Justice and who chanted words hostile to the current regime, which imprisons political opponents and holds parties for tyrants.

Of the three political prisoners officially in the jails of the hardline regime of Martelly-Lamothe, there are of two brothers. One of them, Enol Florestal took his courage in hand in order to make a formal complaint for corruption and usurpation of title against Sophia Martelly, the wife of President Michel Martelly, and against their son Olivier.

The Ministry in front of which the sit-in was held is directed by Jean Renel Sanon, a former member of the Haitian army, pointed to as violating the Haitian Constitution with a Circular from 21 October 2013, which would place him above the criminal code and the constitution according to the human rights group RNDDH [National Human Rights Defense Network] and Tout Haiti. http://www.touthaiti.com/touthaiti-actualites/3231-video-sit-in-liberez-les-prisonniers-politiques-les-freres-florestal-et-arretez-le-dictateur-jean-claude-duvalier (Article in French)

According to the RNDDH (National Human Rights Defense Network), this circular is a State scandal. It not only places itself above the Constitution and the Criminal Code of Instruction, but it undercuts the authority of the Instructing Judge and of the Public Prosecutor and undermines the principal of separation of the three powers and the principal of Judiciary Independence, enshrined in the constitution. They remark that it gives Minister of Justice Jean Renel Sanon more powers the the President himself. Furthermore they think that it singularly recalls the period of dictatorship of the Duvaliers, where the henchman of the power in place, along with the members of the VSN (aka Tontons Macoutes) tranquilly perpetuated reprehensible acts like theft, rape, assassinations, summary executions, etc. with the complicity of the state authorities. http://rnddh.org/content/uploads/2014/01/Circulaire-Ministre-Justice-du-21-octobre-2013.pdf (original in French)

We note that both the Inquest Commission Report of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate, called for the impeachment, not only of President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe, in the suspicious death of Judge Jean Serge Joseph, but also of the Minister of Justice Jean Renel Sanon.