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Don’t Let Toshiba Walk Away from Fukushima to Cumbria


It wasn’t the earthquake that caused the problem as the reactors shut down…it was

Only the loss of electricity to circulate the cooling water that was the problem.

Only, normally it would not have mattered as we have back-up generators,

Only the Tsunami flooded them but we still had batteries but they

Only lasted a day before they ran out and the reactors overheated,

Only we had to vent some radioactive steam to stop an explosion, and it was

Only a hydrogen explosion in reactor No.1, well, reactors 2 and 3 as well, but they

Only blew out a bit of the roof and the containers didn’t break,

Only they did start to melt down but not all the way. It was not a problem as we

Only had to hose them with seawater to keep the temperatures down and

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