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Lake Fubar, collapsing salt dome, aka Louisiana Sinkhole. Salt Domes appear still on a list of possible places for the US and Germany to store their nuclear wastes! Does that look like a good idea? We would like to know about that Strontium too!

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

We took a look at the plans for the berm moving and other things in Texas Brine’s Contingency Plan and made this summary

Page 5
“The TBC team responsible for hydrocarbon management at the sinkhole has reported that there has been no new release of hydrocarbons observed since late August 2013. Oil sheens have been seen since that time has been attributed to trapped oil in the floating vegetation (!!!).”

Like the “swamp gas” fairy tale we seriously DOUBT drops of oil stuck in the plants makes the sheen across Lake FUBAR.

ALSOon p. 5
“Over time, it is possible that the hydraulic connection between the sinkhole and the MRAA will cease as the portions of the MRAA [Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer] that are exposed in the sinkhole become sealed off by deposited sediments from the surface.”

SO . . . all the crud…

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