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Press Release sent out …. Again
studiously ignored by the press thus far.

First reporter to break the silence will receive a Paddington Bear!

Please Look After This Bear’s Home!
Uranium From Peru to fuel new UK nuclear power plants?

With filming for the forthcoming Paddington Bear film in full swing, the famous Paddington Bear statue in London has been the focus of campaigners. Campaigners are highlighting the threat to Peru, the home of the Andean Bear on which Paddington is based, from uranium mining. Peru is currently a nuclear free country with no uranium mining. But as a direct result of the UK’s nuclear policy fuelling the demand for uranium , this could change. Nuclear cheerleaders such as George Monbiot disingenuously say “let them burn plutonium” but the brutal reality of this nasty nuclear cheerleading is the ripping of uranium out of the ground. Peter Hooper the Chief Executive…

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