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Antigovernment Protests of Monday, November 18, 2013:
Six Anti-Government Protestors Reported Shot and 50 Arrested in Cap Haitian; At Least One Student Had Hand Blown Off At The State University of Haiti (UEH) in Port-au-Prince; Police Attacked University Again on Tuesday, November 19th.

(Thousands of Antigovernment Protestors in Port-au-Prince, Radio Kiskeya Reports)

A university student in the department of ethnology lost his hand and could lose an arm due to a tear gas-grenade, which blew his hand off. In Cap Haitian, at least six anti-government protestors were shot and fifty were arrested, according to the opposition. A new protest is planned for November 29.

The six were shot during various attempts made by the opposition to assemble to protest against President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe.

Two leaders of the opposition, Saul Gauthier (Initiative citoyenne), and the Senator Moise Jean-Charles from the North, denounced that the police systematically dispersed the opposition assemblies in Cap Haitian by throwing tear gas. They said that at least fifty opposition activists in various neighborhoods of Cap Haitian were arrested.

In Port-au-Prince, several thousand people came out to protest against President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe – more than for the anti-government protest of November 7th. The anti-government protestors had rocks thrown at them in Petionville, where hundreds of Martelly-Lamothe supporters freely demonstrated without having filed a parading permit with the police, as required by law.

Anti-government protests were also recorded on Monday at Cayes (Sud) and at Miragoane (Nippes, Sud-Ouest).

In the morning, in Port-au-Prince, a student protest movement of the State University of Haiti (UEH) was severely repressed by the police near the law school. A student had his hand severely injured, seemingly following explosion of tear gas.

The opposition has announced a new protest on November 29th, which will go to the US Embassy in Tabarre to ask the US government to take back President Martelly, who they placed in power, according to the opposition leaders.

The above is based on our English translation of a Radio Kiskeya news report from November 19th: “Manifestations anti-gouvernementales : au moins 6 blessés par balle et une cinquantaine d’arrestations au Cap-Haïtien, selon l’opposition, Une nouvelle manifestation prévue le 29 novembre“, Publié le mardi 19 novembre 2013, [jmd/RK] http://www.radiokiskeya.com/spip.php?article9887

(Radio Kiskeya Report from University of Haiti, School of Ethnology)

(Images of student with shredded hand starts at about 38 or 40 seconds; not for the faint of heart; at 3.30 they show his lost fingers on the ground and his name is given by a student in ethnology as Ronel Désir)

Based on our translation of AlterPresse report of Tuesday, 19 November 2013, Port-au-Prince:

The student at the State University of Haiti (UEH), Rodel Désir, whose right hand was blown to pieces by a tear gas grenade thrown by Haiti’s National Police, was admitted on November 19, 2013, to a hospital of Port-au-Prince, where doctors were trying to save his arm, university authorities told AlterPresse.

The incident happened on the 18th of November 2013, during an opposition protest, at the capital, against the administration of President Michel Joseph Martelly and of his Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe.

Désir is a second year student in the Department of Social Sciences at the ENS of the State University of Haiti (UEH).

The indignant university rector, Vernet Henri, said that it was deplorable and unacceptable for law enforcement to throw tear gas into the walls of the university. He said that the university was going to cover the cost of hospitalization and treatment of the student.

As to the official position of the UEH on this act, the rector said he is waiting for the directors of the Faculty of Ethnology, where the event occurred, to communicate a report to the council.

Amos Toussaint, member of the student organization Reflection Group on Social Problems (Greps), said, in disgust, that they could not continue to suffer from the actions of the National Police of Haiti. He added that all that it takes is a protest movement on Champ de Mars for the police officers to amuse themselves by throwing tear gas at the school. These are criminal actions. Students have already contacted the law firm of Mr. Patrice Florvilus to file a complaint against the Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN) for violation of university grounds and assassination attempt, abuse of authority and power, according to Toussaint.

On the morning of November 19th, special agents again bombarded the school (ENS) premises with tear gas and kept a group of students from going out into the street to call for justice on behalf of their classmate.

Based on our English Translation of:
Haïti-Manifestation : Un étudiant victime d’une bombe de gaz lacrymogène, admis à l’hôpital“, mardi 19 novembre 2013 [efd kft gp apr 19/11/2013 14 :20] http://www.alterpresse.org/spip.php?article15503#.Uo1zzMu9KSM

Note that AlterPresse gives the students name as Rodel Désir. The above video gives it as Ronel Désir. Haiti Liberte and another source give the name as Jacky Moise. It is possible that two were injured, especially since Radio Kiskeya mentioned a left hand injury. The images show a right hand. Still photo on page 3. Not for the sensitive. http://www.haiti-liberte.com/archives/volume7-19/Haiti_Liberte_Nov_20_2013_web.pdf

And, meanwhile, the less honest mining companies seem to be digging up the countryside. Most likely the oil and gas companies are fracking the countryside. Over 2 decades of mostly coup d’etat facilitates their tasks. Who knows what happens in the rural areas? Who lives to tell the tale?