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Do governments STILL think salt domes are the place to put nuclear waste? US and German govs are you watching? The one in neighboring Mississippi was rejected for oil and gas storage and yet it is ok for US nuclear waste? A lot of good, important and interesting links here! Does everyone still think salt domes in Mississippi or elsewhere are just the place for nuclear waste? Apt quote from the Sydney Australia link: “A bevy of companies has long regarded the dome as more or less a gigantic piece of Tupperware, a handy place to store propane, butane and natural gas, and to make salt water for the area’s many chemical factories.” http://www.smh.com.au/world/massive-sinkhole-and-gas-leak-threaten-to-swallow-louisiana-town-of-bayou-corne-2013

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

So . . . they are working near the berms at 3 A.M.??

Picture of LA14 this morning –



Nuke scientist and whistleblower, Leuren Moret, says D.U. (depleted uranium) in the wind settles across the Gulf coast states.
In this video, 35 min. in.

A spate of recent international news stories about Lake FUBAR exploding maybe –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/W3N_IDrCnF8

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