We all need to read and learn as much as we can at Radiation Free Lakeland. Sadly, the nearby Sellafield area seems to have more experience with nuclear everything than anyone else in the world.


Building another crazy polluting MOX plant in order to burn plutonium is not viable in any way shape or form, not to mention the fact that the Japanese were the only customers. Unfortunately there are those (including Cumbria Trust leader Eddie Martin) who believe the government lie that burning plutonium will reduce the stockpile. The stockpile would increase as making MOX requires fresh uranium the net result is more plutonium!

On Monday the Public Accounts Committee heard from Mark Higson at the Office for Nuclear Regulation that a new MOX plant would be a huge £liability but they want to go ahead and build one regardless… This is a special kind of insanity especially reserved for all things nuclear.

Public Accounts Committee

Q152 Chair: Can I ask you a few more questions, which I think will tidy up the other issues that we’ve got…

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