Abe,-Shinzo-nuke-1Under Abe, the government has also agreed to start discussing a nuclear energy pact with Saudi Arabia ….The government hopes that the contract with Turkey will improve Japan’s chances in winning competition for nuclear power projects in Vietnam, India and Russia,

In a speech at an International Olympic Committee meeting in September before the IOC members picked Tokyo to host the 2020 Games, Abe said, “The situation is under control,” referring to the radioactive water problem.

“How dare he sell nuclear power plants abroad when he has not been able to bring an accident under control?”

Buy-Japan's-nukes-2 Abe leads nuclear plant exports while problems pile up at homeAsahi Shimbun October 31, 2013 As the Abe administration crows about Japan’s first nuclear plant export after the 2011 disaster, it continues to face the daunting tasks of containing radioactive water at the stricken Fukushima plant and cleaning up contaminated communities.

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