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As documented in a lengthy article at PowertechExposed.com Azarga is registered in Hong Kong but it is mostly owned by Australian Alexander Molyneux, recently fired by Rio Tinto. Molyneux is protege to Robert “Toxic Bob” Friedland who caused the Colorado Summitville disaster and left the US taxpayer to clean it up. Friedland is a Canadian-US dual national living in Singapore. Since Hong Kong used to be British the uranium may just as easily be going to the UK for their new nuclear build. Wherever it goes doesn’t matter. The mining is not safe, the nuclear power is not safe, the wastes are not safe. The US sunbelt could light up the US and probably Canada with some to spare.

Dakota Rural Action

Day three of the South Dakota Water Management Board’s review of the proposed Dewey-Burdock Project. And day three of rousing citizen intervention to protect our water, hills, and community. If you missed yesterday, you missed an incredible afternoon testimony about the impact land application of waste water has on wildlife. Any hunters out there? You need to hear this (about half way through).

One of the main reasons cited by Powertech’s spokesperson for pushing this project through is “energy independence.” It is a refrain heard time and time again by a lot of dirty fuels producers, from Powertech to TransCanada and beyond. And it is a refrain that is nothing more than a pile of lies. Digging up tar sands in Alberta and shipping it through pipelines underneath America’s heartland to export ports doesn’t give us energy independence. And giving our water to a Chinese-owned Canadian-listed uranium company to mine…

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