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Atchafalaya Basin

New Orleans area (Gretna) “levee” (embankment) from the French

Below are the main pages of the Louisiana Coastal Restoration lawsuit brought by the levee board, which we have discussed elsewhere. Governor Jindal opposes the suit and replaced several of the board members in an apparent attempt to control the “independent” board. The problem itself is not new. The relationship of coastal erosion to the petroleum industry was known and already well studied 25 years ago. This provides an excellent summary of the situation. The first page names the almost 100 oil, gas and pipeline companies being sued. The entire suit is in a pdf at the bottom. And, it must be said that a cozy relationship between Louisiana politicians and the oil and gas industry is also not new!
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Please note that this may load slowly but it is there. The appendices give more information on the petroleum companies and on particular wells. There are 125 pages in total.
 Louisiana Coastal Erosion Lawsuit