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Everyone needs to take another look at this, especially since the convicted Rajat Gupta for whom Louisiana Governor Piyush aka “Bobby” Jindal worked, shares the same surname with Bobby’s mother, Raj Gupta, and is almost the same age. More importantly how about the millions which Bobby supposedly made on the stock market? Is this all sheer coincidence? This and his attempts to block the lawsuit which would make oil companies pay for some coastal restoration — since they caused a lot or most of the damage–requires an examination, especially as Bobby Jindal postures himself for the national level. The US presidency has national and international repercussions. It cannot be “n’importe quoi” or just whatever! Of course, Bobby Jindal’s father previously worked for Exxon and his wife works for a chemical company. One also must forceably wonder about his possible kinship with the Jindal Steel family, currently involved in a “Coalgate” corruption scandal in India. They all appear kindred spirits as well as sharing the same caste and clan name.

Louisiana Voice

Gov. Piyush Jindal spent all of one year in the private sector during his meteoric career.

That year of proximity to one Rajat Gupta could come back to bite him on the backside as a major political embarrassment.

Back in 1995 when he was 24 and fresh out of college, Jindal worked for the conservative consulting company McKinsey and Co.

It was during his tenure there that McKinsey presented Allstate Insurance with an elaborate plan detailing how Allstate could increase profits by denying fair settlements of home, business and auto claims. Basically, the strategy, according to McKinsey’s plan, was to switch from the “Good Hands” treatment to the “Boxing Gloves” treatment if claimants persisted in seeking equitable settlements.

It was a strategy that would serve Allstate well in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as its profits soared from $82 million per year to more than $2 billion per…

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