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“We should also inform those that like to present the current investment plan as a continuation of a long mineral activity in Northern East Chalkidiki, that during 2500 years of activity, 30 tons were mined while 20 of them after 1927. Nowadays, the estimated amount that is about to be mined in the next years, according to the company’s investment plan, reaches 200 million tons! All these drillings combined with the water mineral activity and the different enrichment procedures will dry up the whole mountain Kakavos, a place where the locals embraced as a savior in times of starvation during the German occupation. As Mt Kakavos is the main source of water in N. Chalkidiki, all villages in the area won’t have access to clean drinking water, while streams of water under the ground as well on the surface run the risk to be polluted by chemicals necessary in the mining process.” Our comment: 19 They cast their silver into the streets, and their gold is like an unclean thing; their silver and gold are not able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord; they cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it. For it was the stumbling block of their iniquity. Ezekiel 7:19. Revised Standard Version (RSV)

Hellenic Mining Watch

Source: eagainst.com

…and the state’s ultimate abetment to the bosses’ plans

xrysos-skouriesTranslation of the brochure by “The guillotine dance” (in Greek).

N.E Chalkidiki may seem very far away. Too far away for us to have a direct understanding of the struggle waged by local people against the creation of an open goldmine in the area. Too far to be clearly manifested that this struggle encapsulates social resistances which strike at the heart of sovereignty – and it gets stricken for that. Perhaps, even further away for us to shape a strong movement of assistance and solidarity in this struggle. Yet N.E Chalkidiki can be located so close to us, as does every human on this planet who defends the natural environment in which s/he lives, who is opposed to the orders of voracious capitalistic development, who ultimately gives a struggle for her/his own freedom and dignity.

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