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Continuation of: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/part-iv-of-the-senate-inquest-report-on-the-troubling-death-of-judge-jean-serge-joseph/ Highlight from Part IV: Judge Joseph’s worried wife inquired: “Do not tell me that after those people mistreated you so that you ate with them?” And he responded: “There was nothing to eat, I just had a drink with them“. Judge Joseph saying  “I just had a drink with them” does indeed reopen the possibility that he was poisoned in that way. Additionally, alcohol would strengthen the impact of poisons.

Martelly is said to have stopped Judge Joseph along a major highway and threatened him, as we will see below.

[Installments of our translation of the Haitian Senate Report on the Troubling death of Judge Joseph continue below]
The President of the Republic also lied “(continuation)
Our Thursday, 10 October 2013 translation of Senate Report:
“One may recall that in the report of the hearings a reminder was made regarding the behavior of the Minister of Justice who did not bother to inform the Director General of the Police that he should have brought with him those responsible from the USPN, USGPN, the CAT TEAM, who are responsible for presidential security.  He did not do it, trying to shield those responsible parties, holders of precious information about the travel schedule of the President of the Republic.”

[Our “aside”: Mysterious Death of Probable Witnesss to Martelly Threats
We refer the readers of our translation back to our Thursday, 19 September 2013 translation of the Senate Report: “11.  The Minister of Justice, Mr. Jean Renel Sanon, who was asked by the senatorial commission to come with officials of the USP [Presidential Security Unit], the USGPN [General Security Unit of the National Palace], of the CAT TEAM [special security to the President and former Presidents], had not informed the director of the Police that he should alert these officials. The director of the Police confided that the Minister of Justice had not informed him.  During the meeting, the director of the police even tried to call these officials by phone.  But, the Minister of Justice ordered him not to keep trying, because these officials probably went with Michel Martelly to Cap Haitian this Monday the 22nd of July 2013.” In the 19 September “aside” added by us we noted that oddly enough WHAT happened on that very Monday? A security guard from the USGPN suddenly fell ill only to drop dead the following Tuesday morning the 23rd of July! Incredible! Could it be that he, as a Martelly security guard, was in some way a witness to the alleged meeting at Gary Lissade’s office, which so many have testified occurred, according to Judge Joseph, and which the alleged participants deny having occurred?  Gee, this story just gets more and more creepy, even damning. None of this paints a pretty picture of life in Martelly-Lamothe’s Haiti! Note that two members of the USGPN were said to be in the vehicle with Martelly when he is alleged to have stopped Judge Joseph along the Highway and threatened him!

From Radio Kiskeya (also reported in Le Matin and elsewhere):
“A police officer dead after a new “long march” by Michel Martelly
Taken with a serious malaise, Jacques Junior Duffaut, on tour with the President in the north, did not survive, just like his colleague Frandieu Jean-Pierre who died a little after a presidential marathon, in October 2012” Tuesday, July 23, 2013

“A security agent close to President Michel Martelly, Jacques Junior Duffaut, 32 years old, died early Tuesday morning in the Justinien Hospital of Cap-Haitian (about 275 km north of Port-au-Prince) where he was admitted urgently the night before, following a malaise while he was accompanying the president in a long walking stretch. Reached by Radio Kiskeya, the Department of the North Director of the National Police, the division commissioner Kesnel Pierre, indicated that a spectacular fall in his blood pressure was noted at the moment of the death of the police agent of the General Security Unit of the National Palace (USGPN), member of the 18th promotion [i.e. graduating class] of the PNH [Haitian National Police]. For its part, the administration of the Justinien Hospital made it known that in addition to abnormally low blood pressure, Jacques Junior Duffaut suffered from vomiting and severe diarrhea….http://radiokiskeya.com/spip.php?article9681 (French original, translation our own) Judge Joseph ALSO suffered from vomiting and severe diarrhea just before he died! See more at: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/the-witnesses-part-iii-of-the-senate-inquest-report-on-the-troubling-death-of-judge-jean-serge-joseph/

Judge Joseph Stopped and Threatened by Martelly
Friday 11 October 2013, Our Translation of Senate Report Continues:
“As an example, one of the witnesses said that on Monday the 8th of July 2013, when returning to Port-au-Prince, the judge was stopped on the National Route # 1 near Arcahaie, by an All-Terrain vehicle, a white pick-up. He stopped a little further than the other vehicle which positioned itself facing North but on the side of the South bound traffic.  Thus, the two vehicles were found on the side of the south-bound traffic.

So, the white All Terrain which was positioned facing north did a U turn and came back to stop just next to the judge’s vehicle.

The driver lowered the right window and addressed the judge who lowered his left window:  “You are preventing me from sleeping, not true?” A conversation ensued during which serious threats were uttered toward the judge.  

It happens that the driver was identified as being President Martelly himself.  He was driving and two police officers in uniform of the USGPN were in the back.  One of them photographed the three occupants of the vehicle of the judge.

After the series of insults and threats, the vehicle left again south-bound, but the stunned judge was only thinking of his death. He confided to his security guard Johnny and his cousin Berlens that they were about to die.

That very day, the judge who ordinarily went to his office along the Route Neuve, then to La Saline Boulevard and Harry Truman Avenue until the courthouse at Bicentenaire had to take the National # 1 to downtown thus ​​avoiding the Route Neuve since the driver of the vehicle of Arcahaie had told him: “I am informing myself on all your movements, of your schedule, and of your problems. You would do better to fix this affair quick so that my family regains its calm. You do not know that I love my wife and my children? ”

Sunday 13 October 2013

Thus, what we see from this alleged meeting, is what was said earlier:  the presidential family was seemingly panicked.  Consequently, the president took upon himself to settle this affair which was preventing him from sleeping.  The entire team of those who were good and loyal servants was mobilised to settle this affair speedily.  It’s also why the president could not bear to let the Minister of Justice operate alone.  The diverse testimony gathered in the area surrounding the Law Office of Mr. Lissade confirms that an imposing number of vehicles, generally making up the presidential motorcade, were noticed parked in the vicinity of the law office.  A poor lady who generally sells her wares in the vicinity said that she counted eighteen vehicles.

But worse, a controversy followed a statement by the president, in appearance trivial, who said:  “I do not know if the Prime Minister was present, since it is very near his offices at the Ministry of Planning.  Myself, I was not there”.  Why did he who had said that it was up to others (his accusers) to prove that he was present at the meeting feel compelled to make that remark.  Was it to harm the Prime Minister or to clear himself?  He should not need to clear himself if the burden of proof rests upon his accusers.  Surely, he was worried that he could be caught and in this manner he would like to implicate the Prime Minister in his place.  He was not completely sure that the death of the judge could bury his manoeuvres (maneuvers) which are at least suspicious.  Someone close to the Prime Minister responded to the president’s quip by declaring that it was not very certain that the Prime Minister was in the habit of using the presidential motorcade.  All of this, only confirms – over and beyond the accounts of the judge – the presence of the president at that meeting.

To shield those responsible for security at the National Palace and of the President of the Republic from questioning by the commission had a single objective:  to block the most vulnerable actors in order to stop them from letting leak precious and embarrassing information.  But, the perfect crime does not really exist.

As for the Prime Minister, who declared before the commission that he never was fortunate enough to meet the judge.  That could be true.  But still only in another world.

Tuesday, 15 october 2013

How does he explain the fact that Mr. Leon Charles was [allegedly] recalled to Washington to undertake a mission of negotiation with as its goal to persuade Mr Florestal to drop his complaint, that he withdraw it and abandon the case. Faced with the refusal of Mr Florestal, his first reaction was to call the Prime Minister in order to place him in contact with Mr Florestal. The Prime Minister [allegedly] offered Mr Florestal money and a position outside of the country. Florestal still refuses and Leon Charles left. [The word allegedly is not in original; recall that Enold Florestal was imprisoned on trumped up charges and still remains there]

Why did the Prime Minister believe it was good to implicate himself in this affair when he himself declared to the commission that he was following the affair like all good citizens by leaving it in the care of the justice system to deal with? But why was he so evasive as to his time schedule that Thursday the 11th of July 2013? If it was the duty of the whole team to demonstrate its loyalty and solidarity with the president why did he elude this little family duty? Why too was he so fearful of the commission that he had to have himself accompanied by six of the members of his cabinet? Why did he never submit that copy of the minutes from the Council of Ministers of the day prior, when it was demanded, and which would have permitted the commission to verify the points of the agenda and their relationship with the thorny matter of the proceedings against the presidential family? There again, one understands that the Prime Minister is not telling the truth on the subject either.

All in all, it appeared that the committee found itself before a fortress of lies.  But there are no impregnable fortresses, there are only inappropriate strategies.

Citadelle Laferrière
Citadelle Laferrière, Haiti [see note 1]

Thursday, 17 October 2013 [Final Conclusions]

The commission has done its best and has succeeded in piercing the ramparts of denial and lies which were erected before it. It was able to reconstruct the facts from the numerous testimonies gathered from individuals who had felt the obligation to confide to this commission what they knew and who, according to them, could help cast light on the circumstances which surrounded the death of Judge Jean Serge Joseph, in charge of the case opposing, in the criminal court, the wife and son of the President of the Republic to the citizen Enold Florestal, for alleged corruption and usurpation of function.  The commission discovered:

a)  Judge Jean Serge Joseph, acting in complete independence issued, on the 2nd of July 2013, an interlocutory judgement in this case, judgement which placed in question the responsibility of a certain number of high level government officials, including the Prime Minister.

b) This decision shook the foundations of the fortress of extortion making naked the consuming desires of an authoritarian and corrupt power

c)  All the star players of the team were mobilized to the ends of quickly burying the affair because it had started to grow in magnitude and the
administration was starting to lose credibility.

d)  The first step of the administrative offensive consisted in having the plaintiff withdraw his complaint and accept the prebends [government job and money] being proposed to him.

e) Standing before the failure of such an offensive, the power turned to the judge himself, abandoning the carrot and the stick in order to adopt an imperial policy of Sic volo, sic jubeo, sic pro ratione voluntas.  The judge must thus do that which the executive power wants.

f) Pressures of all kinds were exercised on Judge Joseph so that he would reverse his decision.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

g) The expertise of the Lissade Law Office was profited from in order to prepare a legal face (or farce) to the project of gagging justice and all Republican Institutions

h) The Chief Judge of the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince played a central, pivotal role in the presidential project by participating in all of the schemes and betrayals which led to that famous confrontation between the judge and the highest executive authorities of the country.

i) On Thursday, the 11th of July  2013, a meeting was held at the Law Office of Mr. Gary Lissade.  The Chief Judge Mr. Raymond Jean Michel, himself, drove the Judge Jean Serge Joseph to that meeting.

j) During that meeting, Judge Joseph was subjected to intense pressure and threats to lead him to accept opening a special sitting so as to reverse the decision of the 2nd of July 2013.

k) Not having examined the poisoning theory which even if proven would be difficult to circumscribe in space and time, the Commission has developed the conviction that threats and pressure took the life of an honest but fragile judge.

l) The diagnosed intra-parenchymal hemorrhage would be a direct consequence of being fiercely subjected to intense psychological pressures.

m) The judge having never been diagnosed as suffering from metabolic problems (hypertension, hyperglycemia, etc..), the doctors at the Bernard Mevs Hospital concluded that the very high blood pressure observed in the patient at his admission to the hospital could be the result of an intracranial hypertension, which itself can have been the result of immense stress.

n) The Commission concludes based on the evidence that the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, the Chief Judge of the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince have all lied to the  Commission as well as to the nation.

o) The Committee finally concludes that all those who have contributed to the organization of the meeting, participated in the meeting, lied about the meeting during which the Judge Jean Serge Joseph was tortured until death ensued, are to varying degrees responsible for the death of the judge. It  remains understood that only the judiciary is able to establish the degree of individual responsibility in the death of Judge Jean Serge Joseph.

Senate Report Translation to be continued in a new post on Monday 21 October 2013 with final Recommendations of the Senate

Notes (Not in Original)
Note 1:  Photo by Rémi Kaupp  2006 via wikimedia
After visiting the Citadel in July 2012, President Michel Martelly heavily criticized the National Institute for Historic Preservation (ISPAN) — the organization tasked with preserving Haiti’s cultural heritage sites — describing the site as in a state of disrepair and calling ISPAN’s efforts ‘unacceptable.'[2] His visit was intended to assess the state of the Citadel for conservation, but he refused to visit its upper levels, deeming them unsafe for visitors.[3]“. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citadelle_Laferrière (references at link; bold added)

What happened to the UNESCO monies given to Martelly’s buddy Jean-Claude Duvalier as well as Martelly’s Military coup d’etat buddies?  Repair monies were given in July 1994 under the Coup d’Etat government, as were monies for air conditioning.  This last being a questionable investment for an old fortress which should be naturally cool.  While some of these monies appear small, they were not so small at the time in which they were given.  They also were not small in the context of wages in Haiti. Itemization of monies given with dates are here: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/180/assistance/ The Citadelle, which is near Milot, was unimpacted by the earthquake.

Furthermore, if Martelly did not expend so much money for travel and per diem for travel for himself and his entourage he could give money for repairs.  He also should have plenty of money as an entertainer which he could donate.  This is all above and beyond monies allegedly stolen by his wife and son.  

But, then why cut back expenses or spend his own money when countries around the world are willing to give him lots of money, while at the same time forcing their own citizens into austerity — an austerity which the Haitian executive and elites have never known.  

Money has always fallen like manna from heaven for him and his buddies.

And, in fact, how did Martelly know the upper floors were unsafe? Was it because he knows that his friends in the Coup government, still in charge in July 1994, and represented by the same Gary Lissade, who we are discussing in this Judge Joseph case, did not use the monies for repairs?

The initial thought about his refusal to go to the upper floors is that Martelly is not as dumb as he looks. Upon further thought it appears that he knew his military Coup friends would have stolen the money rather than doing the repairs!