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The above post very importantly explains the connection between the different stages of nuclear energy.  Uranium mining will be destructive to Peru, the homeland of the Andean Bear and the UK’s beloved Paddington bear.  The uranium, once mined, arrives in the UK only to cause problems there.  

In addition to proposed uranium mining in the Macusani-Corani area of Peru by Macusani Yellowcake and others, there is Bear Creek Mining which alleges to be silver, lead, and zinc “only”, but will most likely have uranium as a byproduct, as well. Lead is also highly toxic.

An open letter to Tim Farron..

Dear Tim,

Colleagues in the Bristol area have informed us that the third nuclear
train this week has just been loaded again today at Bridgwater Station. Every week
trains carrying radioactive nuclear waste in flasks from Hinkley Point
nuclear power station are loaded in the middle of Bridgwater, right next
door to Eastover Primary School.

On their route to Sellafield, they pass towns and villages close to
schools and residential areas. The ONLY reason the waste is going to
Sellafield (rather than being kept on the site where it arises and looked
after there) is for reprocessing and to clear the decks at existing
nuclear plants to make room for yet more nuclear waste.

As you know the original use for reprocessing was to separate the
Plutonium out of the spent fuel in order to make nuclear weapons. As
there is now enough plutonium…

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