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Stopping Uranium Mining in the Black Hills – critically important.

Dakota Rural Action

It is day four here at the Ramkota, and Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary lawyer Mike Hickey is currently grilling Richard Blubaugh, Powertech’s Vice President of Health, Safety and Environmental Resources. He’s doing a rather good job of showing how Mr. Blubaugh lacks the experience claimed by Powertech. Again, you can listen to it here. A few key points:

-Powertech, in its disclosure of witnesses, listed Mr. Blubaugh as an “expert” witness, and listed several areas of the application in which he is that expert. However, many of those areas of the permit application were written by consultants and Mr. Blubaugh has no training in many of the areas in which he has been designated on Powertech’s disclosure.

-Yesterday, the entire Powertech testimony given by Mr. Blubaugh was directed at the NRC permit, the EPA Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, and the recommendations of the South Dakota Department of…

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