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Below is our translation of a letter recently sent by 21 Haitian Deputies (Lower House of Parliament) to President Obama.  Those who are not students of Haitian history may think that this letter is exaggerated.  However, those who have studied Haitian history in depth know that, sadly, the below letter appears a largely accurate account of both the current predicament of Haiti and how it got there (1).  In fact, the Deputies have underemphasized the embarrassing degree to which the current US Ambassador, Pamela White, appears, at least figuratively, in bed with Lamothe and the Martellys (2).  Perhaps they feared that speaking of her levity would take away from the gravitas of their letter. Photos showing Prime Minister Lamothe and the, apparently, unmarried, US Ambassador, Pamela White, arm in arm and cheek to cheek could make even the most innocent wonder if this is Lamothe’s real girlfriend (i.e.  if more than a metaphor is at play here).  See photos here: http://www.touthaiti.com/touthaiti-actualites/2575-lettre-des-deputes-haitiens-a-barack-obama-demandant-le-rappel-de-l-ambassadrice-white-pour-sa-collusion-affichee-avec-le-regime-dictatorial-martelly-lamothe and here: http://omegaworldnews.com/?p=3399
We cannot believe that gentlemen as dignified as President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry would condone such levity of behavior and inappropriate, clingy attire by a US dignitary. Less clingy attire is also more cool for tropical heat.  While Haiti’s Deputies call for her removal and a new start, we think it most imperative that she be reprimanded, lest her faux pas create further embarrassment to the US government elsewhere.  Our notes and additional commentary appear below the letter and list of signatures.  Photos of original letter in French appear at bottom).

Republic of Haiti, Chamber of Deputies
Port-au-Prince, the 23rd of August 2013

Your Excellency,
Mr. Barack Hussein Obama
President of the United State of American

Mr. President,

Because you are appreciated across the planet for your openness of spirit and your immense cultivation, because we are absolutely certain that you know the history of this First Black Republic of the World indissolubly united to the destiny of the Great America, we permit ourselves to address this letter to you, in order to draw your august attention on certain attitudes and excesses which risk creating a divide in the confluence of our shared ideals and to slow down Haiti’s trajectory toward the sunlight of democracy.

If the ties between our two countries were knitted on the battle fields of liberty and human emancipation – the contribution of the “Haitian” volunteers at Savannah is evidence of this –  our relations have known alternating victories and defeats, enchantments and deceptions.  1915, with the brutal landing of the Marines and a two decades long military occupation, marked a regrettable and unforgettable turning point where our people and its peasantry paid a heavy tax of spilled blood for this friendship betrayed.   Certainly, time closed the wounds, but the scars remain and anything which touches them awakens the pain and the bad memories.

And, this is exactly, Mr. President, what is in the process of happening at this conjuncture of 2010-2013.

Your arrival at the head of the American superpower aroused an immense enthusiasm in the heart of Haitians both here and in the diaspora — who, by the way, unanimously supported and voted for you.  We came to cherish the hope of no longer seeing America lend support to dictatorships such as that of Duvalier, its Caribbean anti-communist ally of the Cold War years, successive coups d’Etats, ephemeral governments and mockeries of elections, which have generated in our country insoluble crises, made our national history one of mourning and finally placed our proud country under the indignity of a system of supervised souvereignty. Now,

p. 2
we are obligated today to avow that our deception is as great as our initial enthusiasm.

The current President of Haiti, Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly, known for his antidemocratic penchants and author, follower and supporter of totalitarian governments and military coups d’Etats, was imposed on our nation at the end of an electoral process which was scabrous and massively boycotted by the Haitian people; and it is recognized that your administration played a role in it which was as decisive as misguided.  Nevertheless, despite justifiable reserves as to the unpredictable personality and as to the legitimacy of this new Head of State, as good democrats submitted to the majority we accepted him, while praying to God that he divorce himself from the irritable and quarrelsome practices which he had demonstrated as an entertainer and behave himself in a responsible manner at the helm of the State.

However, Michel Joseph Martelly and his governmental team have constantly multiplied their provocations toward the opposition, violations of the Haitian Constitution and snagging the principles of a liberal democracy.  Two years of calamitous administration has convinced us of their determination to bring to fruition a project for the restoration of a political system massively rejected by the Haitian people since 1986.

Also we are shocked to note the open and public support that your diplomatic representatives have not ceased to give them, often in disregard to respect for our dignity and of the obligation for discretion which should inhabit them in the accomplishment of their mission.

Thus, after having witnessed the distressing and bewildering spectacle of the Ambassador, Kenneth Merten,  publicly giving certification to President Martelly’s Haitian nationality, we here are condemned — by what fatality of destiny! – to catch Ms. Pamela White carried away by a partiality that steals away from the Haitian people all hope of seeing democracy flourish in this tropical country.

The ostentatious partiality of the new Ambassador of the Star Spangled Republic [USA], her shameful submission to the fantasies of Mr. Martelly carries a double signification:
1.  For the Haitian President, the backing of the great American power to conduct and make concrete his project for the instauration of an autocratic political regime.
2.  For the peaceful opposition, that it is delivered to the capricious whims of a prince who rolls around in his head the dreams of Ceasar with the benediction of the first democracy of the world…

It is with the strength of this assurance that the Haitian President multiplies the delays in order to put off the elections so as to soon note the dysfunction of the Parliament, to give himself the right to govern by decree, to convoke a Constitutional Assembly for the elaboration of a new Constitution made to measure for his dreams of indefinite re-eligibility up until the presidency for life.  Additionally, it is to avoid being publicly undermined– in the manner of a Kenneth Merten – of hearing oneself dictated the proceedings to follow, the concessions and abdications to make by an indelicate ambassador, that the majority of the political parties representing the country abstained from responding to the August 14, 2013 invitation of President Martelly who lavishes upon them insulting remarks and profanity.

p. 3

Mr. President,

You are the master of American Foreign Policy, notably towards Haiti and your new Secretary of State, John Kerry, knows our country well.  In the name of friendship, in the name of the historic and cultural ties between our two peoples, we beseech you to give a new orientation to American policy in Haiti. We are today convinced that Ms. White, who let herself go even to the point of organizing birthday celebrations for President Martelly, has compromised herself too much, with the current Haitian regime to keep her impartiality and her judgement, to regain the confidence of the Haitian people and to eventually symbolize and to lead such a salutary reorientation with objectivity about situations and sereneness of behavior.

Also we ask you to please designate another ambassador, better imbued with the friendship which ties our two peoples together and more respectful of our dignity and of the duty of reserve which grants the distance of serene and perspicacious analysis which characterizes great diplomats.  The recall of this ambassador, who is too compromised, will send a double signal:

1.  To the Haitian Executive [branch], that democratic America will not back its autocratic and totalitarian project;
2.  To the opposition, in its pursuit of its enterprise of peaceful change, that it does not risk meeting on its path the saber of a great power of which the maladroit representative displays an anachronistic attraction for the resurgence of a Duvalier in the decor of the globalization of democracy…

Please accept, Mr. President, the expression of our respectful salutations,

C/C John Kerry, Secretary of State
Robert Menendez, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate
Edward Randall “Ed” Royce, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives

Signatories, Party, Department
1. Levaillant Louis-Jeune, INITE, Artibonite
2. Dupner Clement, ALTENATIV, Nippes
3. Joseph Wilbert Deshommes, INITE, Artibonite
4. Vikens Derilus, MODELH-PRDH, Artibonite
5.   Jean Acklush Louis-Jeune, ALTENATIV, Grand’ Anse
6. Patrick Joseph, INITE, Artibonite
7. Guerda B. Benjamin, ANSANM NOU FÒ, Centre
8. Sorel Jacinthe, INITE, Grand Anse
9. Francenet Denius, INITE, Nippes
10.  Paul Olivar Richard, INITE, Sud
11.  Louinor Saintima, INITE, Sud
12.  Jean Rupert Laforest, INITE, Grand Anse
13.  Sadrac Dieudonne, MOCHRENHA, Artibonite
14.  Johnson Dieujuste, Pou Nou Tout (PONT), Nord-Ouest
15.  Jean Danton Leger, ANSANM NOU FÒ, Ouest
16.  Eloune Doreus, ALTENATIV, Nord-Ouest
17.  Almetis Junior Saint-Fleur, ALTENATIV, Ouest
18.  Bertrand Sinal, INITE, Sud
19.  Jusclaire Dorgil, ALTENATIV, Nord Ouest
20.  Julner Laine, INITE, Sud
21.  Jean Ronald Oscar, ALTENATIV, Ouest

Our notes and commentary:

Note that the original list has their names and the names of their towns.  We have opted to use the official parliamentary list and put their names, parties and Departments. Fortunately, we downloaded the list before the link went dead. As some terms have expired, along with the parliamentary link, we are not sure as to the number of still sitting deputies.  The link is here in case it revives: http://www.parlementhaitien.ht/

(1) One possible exception would be where they say that the former US Ambassador certified that Martelly was a Haitian, and even this appears technically true.  From our understanding, the former Ambassador said that Martelly was not an American and hence arrived at the conclusion that he is Haitian, which is not necessarily true and which was not his place to say.  Thus, they seem to have felt that he was undermining their authority as parliamentarians. Additionally, there were concerns that Martelly held US citizenship under a slightly different name; and possibly Italian citizenship.  We find this last improbable since his Martelly ancestors moved to Haiti hundreds of years ago, although if he has later Italian ancestors it could be true since Italian citizenship is based on blood (line) and not birthplace.  See also: http://www.rfi.fr/ameriques/20120309-haiti-president-martelly-fin-polemique-autour-supposée-double-nationalite-

(2)  Not only are these pictures inappropriate for a diplomat, but rumor-heresay, appearing on both pro-Martelly-Lamothe and anti-regime websites says that current US Ambassador, Pamela White, used to work with First Lady, Sofia (Sophia) Martelly, at US AID in the 1980s.  Since, supporters of the regime have reported this, it would appear to grant probable authenticity, although we have been unable to find any documents showing that Sofia worked for USAID.  Her name would have probably still been Sofia or Sophia Saint Remy, at that time.

Additional comments:
Martelly’s friendship with those involved in the coup against Aristide is widely known and documented, as are his insults against President Aristide and his followers. However, it appears fairly debatable if he participated in or watched any bloodshed.  He may well have been and still could be a largely apolitical entertainer.  As well, at least one of the political parties signing this letter was supportive of the second coup against democratically elected President Aristide. We have not had time to research the individuals who have signed to see if they supported the coups.  Nonetheless, more than one person in Haiti has lived to regret their support for the coups against President Aristide, due to what has come in their wake.  And, people have the right to change their minds.  Martelly’s authoritarian bent remains fairly debatable, but it is appearing more and more that it may be true.  Hence the phrase about his being a creator, follower, and supporter of military coup d’etats and authoritarian regimes.  Research Martelly and Cedras and see for yourself. Additionally, the now famous Gary Lissade was Raoul Cedras’ legal representative.

The pictures of the letter below are found here: http://www.touthaiti.com/touthaiti-actualites/2575-lettre-des-deputes-haitiens-a-barack-obama-demandant-le-rappel-de-l-ambassadrice-white-pour-sa-collusion-affichee-avec-le-regime-dictatorial-martelly-lamothe And here:   http://omegaworldnews.com/?p=4661
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